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    Mattison’s Forty-One Restaurant Bar Sarasota

    About Fort Wayne

    The second-largest city of Indiana, Fort Wayne, embraces the future of urban life to a vast extent. A city wrapped in exclusive art-filled cultures attracts a considerable number of visitors each year. The key reason behind its magnetic aura is its affordability and fabulous high-quality lifestyle with top-notch amenities. Welcoming the “travelers of tomorrow,” Fort Wayne is equally famous for its grandeur in dining, staying, and playing.

    This city bleeds basketball and is credited to be the birthplace of the NBA. It was in 1871 that Fort Wayne hosted the first professional basketball match. With more than 87 parks acquiring 2805 acres of land, this city has a considerable contribution towards sports.

    Additionally, the city keeps the country’s best zoo, famous science center, a beautiful botanical conservatory, and renowned theatre. So, if you are visiting Fort Wayne, you have a list of places to roam and enjoy.

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