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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Helsinki

1. Apollo Live Club Helsinki

Apollo Live Club is a live event venue, bar and night club. On the weekends the bar and courtyard are opened up to become a dance club for the people. They invite the best Nordic bands and DJs to play live music all night. They also host karaoke on certain days so you can be the entertainment for that evening. The bar has got you covered as it serves all types of drinks and alcoholic beverages.  On weekdays there is always a comedy show, concert or other event planned at the Apollo. The club is open on Fridays and Saturdays with an age limit of 24+. The place offers a great atmosphere and the dance floor glows in the dark.

2. Club Soho Helsinki

Club Soho is in the popular district of Punavori and only a stone’s throw from the city center. They have casino slots and poker games happening inside as well. The club mostly attracts an older crowd because of the vibe it gives off. This also has something to do with their age limit being 26 years and above. The dress code is smart casual so make sure you are not in torn jeans or ratty t-shirts. Soho also has a parking facility for those who want to drive to the lace. Whereas, for the ones who want to get their drinks on, the train station is also close by.

3. E93 Lounge Helsinki

E93 Lounge is a night club that appeals to people of all ages. It has a different program decided for each day of the week. You can hear the latest hits on Wednesday and dance to Techno music on Friday. They also host Karaoke Nights on the weekend which are a big hit with the crowd. The club is near the metro station so you do not have to worry about getting home either. The servers are very welcoming and the DJ is also open to requests from the audience. Dress code is casual so you can show up right after waking up. They have a 20+ age limit so you can expect a younger crowd here.

4. Kaiku Helsinki

Kaiku is an underground night club that is known for its booming sound system and large dance floor. They invite local as well as international DJs to perform at the venue. The club is located inside an old factory building which is why many DJs have described it as a wooden box. They have working turntables and large speakers to boot. The crowd at Kaiku is very open minded and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. Guests return night after night to enjoy the amazing line up and buzzing drinks. The club has been listed by many magazines and blogs as one of the best night clubs in Helsinki.

5. Kaivohuone Helsinki

Kaivohuone is housed in an old restaurant that has been around since 1838. It has been the venue for private parties for more than 15 years. The building has a classic wooden structure which creates an inviting atmosphere. Kaivohuone is an exclusive club where Finland’s celebrities and public figures go to party. Kaivohuone invites artists from all over the world to take the stage. The place is open for private events throughout the week. It is open to all on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Make sure you check out their working hours before making any plans though.

6. Kuudes Linja Helsinki

Kuudes Linja is a night club as well as live concert venue that is very popular amongst people of all ages. They have a great sound and lighting system that adds a flair to any musical performance. Whether it is a DJ or a rock band, Kuudes Linja can cater to all. All customers are satisfied with their service and they get served with whatever drink they want. The event schedule is uploaded on the website so you can plan your night out in advance. They have different music playing on different days of the week so you can find something according to your taste. Do not forget the age limit is 20+ on Saturdays.

7. Maxine Helsinki

Maxine is one of the night clubs that has a spectacular view of the city. It is located on the sixth floor of the Kamppi Center and the balcony is open throughout the year. Witness the night lights of Helsinki while you dance to the music played by the DJ. They also have a lounging area and living room inside where you can relax with your friends. In the back of the room there is karaoke machine so you can also sing your heart out. The music played here varies from the 80’s and 90’s classics to the latest dance hits. On weekends they have an age limit of 22+ so make sure to bring your IDs.

8. Milliklubi Helsinki

Milliklubi is a great place in Helsinki where you can drink and dance the night away. They are known for their great deals on alcohol which is why it is the preferred sot for students. It has been recommended as a great venue to host the stag party. There are booths open for booking and you can even reserve the entire venue for an event. If you have a party club card then you can enjoy even more benefits such as skipping the entrance fee and getting discounts on bottle service. The club is open throughout the week from 10 pm to 5 am so you can unwind at Milliklubi on any given day.

9. Navy Jerry’s Helsinki

Navy Jerry’s is a unique night club located in the heart of Helsinki. They have followed the Navy-themed as the name suggests. The club is frequented by people from all walks of life. The reason being that they offer the best of everything. From cocktails to music that will make you want to never stop dancing, they have it all. The décor is the cherry on to because that is what makes the club stand out from all the other places. You can be sure to have a good time there. Make sure you follow their social media profile to get news on upcoming events. The age limit is 22+ and above so do not forget your ID.

10. Shot Bar Helsinki

Shot Bar is the first of its kind in Finland and it is located in an area that never sleeps at night. The idea behind the place is that every good party needs a round of shots. They have more than 120 different types of shots on their menu. The venue has a small dance floor and it is a great place to start your night out with. They are open throughout the week so you can even head on there after work to blow off some steam. The bartenders are happy to serve customers with the craziest requests. They have a shot for almost every occasion.

11. Skohan Helsinki

Skohan is a sprawling venue that consists of four different rooms. There is the main club, a lobby bar, an event hall as well as party room. The rooms can be booked for any private events such as birthdays or bachelorette parties. There is a terrace that surrounds the club and it is heated all year round. This night club venue has professional staff that serves all patrons with respect. Since there is also a restaurant, you can have a meal before you go to the club. The DJ plays music you can dance to whether it is RnB or EDM. It is opposite the train station so you do not have to worry about choosing a designated driver either.

12. Valtikka Ravintola Helsinki

Valtikka Ravintola Night Club is a place that promises to show their patrons a good time. It is a nautical themed club where the servers wear sailor hats and the décor is similar to that of a ship. Valtikka Ravintola is also a restaurant and beer garden with operating hours in the daytime. You can have a bite to eat before you hit the dance floor. They have live music and old-school lasers cut the dance floor. The dress code is casual, so you do not have to worry about having to look your best. People of all ages go there to enjoy the atmosphere. The staff is very friendly, and they are always ready to serve their customers.

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