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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Johannesburg

1. Truth, Johannesburg

The Truth is a Johannesburg dance club located at Old Snake Park in Midrand. You will find a wide variety of party music played at many dance venues. The Club has an invincible vibe and good after-hours, which can continue until very early in the sunrise. They include top, local and international D.J.s, and there is a wide selection of unique cocktails. Located in the old snake park in Midrand, Truth is the last Johannesburg dance club of the night of incomparable immorality.

2. Kong, Johannesburg

Kong is a stunning and special nightclub in Rosebank. Its prestigious Club attracts people and celebrities from all over the world because of its wide selection of music and chic interior. Stars such as Justin Beiber and D’ Banj are hosted in Kong. Urban music and electro-dance express the whole vibe.

3. Chicago Piano Bar, Johannesburg

When you enter the area, it exudes a vibe of the 80s and can happen at the Chicago Piano Bar. It is a great place for parties, and the relaxed atmosphere of the place is accompanied by cocktails and food. It has a double bar, which includes a separate cigar bar that fits perfectly. The aura is fun and glorious because of the bright bands and screens.

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