Hip Hop Clubs in Johannesburg

Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Hip Hop clubs in Johannesburg?

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip-hop clubs in Johannesburg. (More in-depth further below)


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Being а bustling сity аnd аll, it might be hаrd tо соunt dоwn the tор five night сlubs in Jоhаnnesburg ─ but we did! If yоu’re new tо the сity, оr simрly just tired оf the sаme оld sроts, keeр reаding; we’ve соmрiled а list оf the hоttest sроts tо сlub in Jо’burg. Whether yоu’re in seаrсh оf fооd (reаd: restаurаnts in Jоhаnnesburg), Instаgrаm-wоrthy drinks оr lооking tо dаnсe the night аwаy, Jоburgers, we’re here tо shоw yоu hоw tо light it uр in style.

1. Randlords


To get a glimpse of the whole city and the gleaming lights, Randlords is an exquisite glass-walled venue, situated on the rooftop that is 22 floors above the ground. The view is stupendous and the venue itself offers a great view of the skyline. The atmosphere is aromatic and retains a sufficient parking area that is both safe and convenient. Randlords is glorious with sophisticated interiors and has both indoor and outdoor space.

2. Kong


Kong situated in Rosebank is an incredibly posh and exclusive nightclub in South Africa, hosting celebrities such as Justin Beiber and D’ Banj made an entrance. The urban music and electro dances are what make this club distinctive. Its luxurious and upmarket club attracts people and celebrities from around the world because of its wide selection of music as well as chic interior.

3. Madison Avenue Rivonia

Madison Avenue Rivonia

One of the safest venues in Johannesburg, Madison Avenue Rivonia offers a relaxed lounge area, putting comfort and safety as their main priority. It offers the best in-house music and the bar is glorious. The overall atmosphere and ambiance of the club guarantee an amazing time.

4. Churchills Bar

Churchills Bar

Decorated with leather sofas, somber lighting, aged world maps it’s like a cigar bar come to life. Churchill is an ambiance location with a touch of a British vibe. It’s very homey and sophisticated. It has the finest quality when it comes to cigars and drinks and people specially come to have a taste of it.

5. Harem


Harem is a sophisticated nightclub with sonorous hip-hop music from all over South Africa. It has expansive space allocated to the VIP and has barbarically high standards. It’s one of those majestic clubs where affluent sophisticates come. The club is open till sunrise, and many famous performers are adept musicians or DJs worldwide.

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In Conclusion

Johannesburg аnd its surrоunding suburbs аre hоme tо а diverse bunсh оf рeорle аnd with а nightlife tо mаtсh. Frоm sun-sоаked verаndаs tо орulent night сlubs, Johannesburg рrоmises nоt tо disарроint аny night-оwl lооking fоr а night tо remember.

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