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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Lexington

1. The Roxy Lexington

The Roxy Nightclub is the place to be on your night out at Lexington for an awesome night out. The Roxy is a nightclub in Lexington, Kentucky, United States. It was born in 1905, and it’s renowned for providing one of a kind Lexington nightlife experience. If you find yourself in one of their VIP sections, you’ll definitely enjoy a wrap around balcony view while overlooking your fellow club goers below.

2. The Bar Complex Lexington

Welcome to Lexington’s newest place to socialize. It has a little something for everyoneThe Bar Complex huge, long-standing since 1980 gay nightclub with stunning DJs, dancing and drag shows and drag performers are just going thru the motions and their routine and clothing is very dated or repeats again and again Meet up with friends in The Bar Complex lounge, enjoy their monthly art show featuring works of local artists, catch the entertainment in their cabaret or get your groove on upstairs on our huge dance floor with its mind-blowing light show and sound system.

3. Paraiso Latino Nightclub Lexington

Be at Paraiso Latino nightclub for an amazing night out at Lexington. Paraiso Latino is a nightclub located in Lexington, Kentucky, United States. Paraiso Latino nightclub is the place where you are assured of enjoying music from America Latina. The atmosphere of hospitality of Paraiso Latino nightclub highly depends on the staff, that are very accomodating.

4. Soundbar Lexington

Soundbar is the go bar for Lexington nightlife or a casual cocktail or beer throughout the week. It’s the friendliest and most inclusive bar/club in Lexington. Soundbar is a dance club and a nightclub located in Limestone, Lexington, United States. Loungey, bi-level nightclub with a patio, featuring DJs, karaoke & other events. The venue exhibits two-faves game night on Tuesdays and karaoke on Wednesdays.

5. Cowboys Showgirls Lexington

Cowboys Showgirls is a favorite place to hang out in Lexington with priceless fun. It’s located in Russell cave Rd, Lexington, United States. Cowboys Showgirls is an adult entertainment club. The venue is a well run establishment. It’s recently renovated and happens to be a great place for couples, single men, and groups.

6. Stings Lounge Lexington

Your new Adult upscale experience! Strings Lounge is a vibrant business and entertainment locale. Strings Lounge is definitely a place to go to parties and have a good time. Strings Lounge is a nightclub located in Main St, Lexington, United States. It’s a two story historic venue known for its one-of-kind water fountain featuring two bars, and it has live music from local bands and local and national-renowned guest DJs.

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