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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Marbella

1. Opium Marbella

Opium Beach Club is successful in transferring the reputation of the brand Opium on the southern side of the country after its consolidated and well-known trajectory in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Opium Beach Club is a fashionable and voguish place in Marbella, which is nothing less than a reference venue for the day and night recreation. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and sitting on the beachfront, Opium Beach Club has the advantages of a first-class social meeting spot, a chic restaurant, a comfortable terrace, a huge pool, an amazing lounge with sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere, and an A1 club where the unforgettable parties of Marbella’s night happen by the world-renowned DJs playing the music.

2. Amare Beach Marbella

Located at 5 minutes walking distance from Marbella old town and right on the seafront, Amare Beach is most famed as an ‘Adult Only Hotel’. With the perfect components for a gratifying and smashing stay, Amare Beach Hotel Marbella is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind venue in Costa del Sol. There is no detail that is passed over in giving you the most paramount adult only celebrations in Marbella. Amare Club is a combination of three distinct atmospheres that make you feel in a make-believe world. Amare Pool, Amare Lounge, and Amare Beach have been particularly designed to put together complementary feelings and pleasures: beach and pool, sun and shade, day and night, good company and privacy, fun and relaxation, healthy shots and little sins . . .

3. Ocean Club Marbella

Celebrated as one of the largest beach-line venues in Europe – Ocean Club Marbella covers 9000m2 of lavish surroundings in the core of Puerto Banus. The central and undisputed jewel of Ocean Club is a saltwater swimming pool that is encircled by white colossal sun loungers, shadowed by the bright blue parasols. The venue combines award-winning services with outstanding quality that is pulled off by its highly qualified and dynamic consortium of around 100 multi-national young service professionals.

4. Playa Padre Marbella

Established on a beautiful beach of the town – Playa Padre Marbella is designed in such a way that makes you feel at a make-believe paradise. It is nothing less than a new concept of beach entertainment in Marbella. The venue is surrounded by clear azure waters, golden sand, and tropical palm trees. If you truly want to make your holidays special and out of the way, visit Playa Padre and savor the exotic and anomalous cocktails and moreish Mediterranean cuisine, while getting the buzz out of the beach, mid-day sun or dreamlike Marbella sunsets.

5. La Sala By The Sea Marbella

Located on the coast of Puerto Banus in Marbella – La Sala By The Sea is unquestionably an ultimate beach experience on a Mediterranean sandy beach. Luxurious, cool, and stylish, the shore-front venue has three different topical bars, a restaurant, a Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool. In the daytime, you can relax and recline on the beach or lay down under the sun on a luxurious sunbed or sun lounger around the pool or just get a relaxing massage, which will knead away all your stress in their special Zen spa area. La Sala By The Sea is nothing short of a make-believe summer paradise with nine different styles to select from, including VIP jacuzzi loungers, plush cabana beds for six people, and jacuzzi beds; all with most striking and awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean sea.

6. Mahiki Beach Marbella

The Sala Group prides itself in opening the very first Mahiki in Marbella, Spain – in the year 2017. The awe-inspiring and amazing Tiki and Polynesian themed venue, which inaugurated on Dover Street in the year 2005 and quickly established itself as a favorite venue of celebrity clientele. Since then, the venue has become one of the most famed night spots and an institution with so many implausible awards behind it. Located on one of the most famed beaches, ‘Paseo’ in Marbella – Mahiki Beach Club and Restaurant extends an exceptional and one-of-a-kind beach club experience through its luxurious sunbeds (fashioned in the Tiki inspired theme), tropical restaurant, and original cocktails. Mahiki Beach takes pride in its fun environment and the creative details, which go into every dance, dish, and drink that they serve. The venue is an ultimate beach destination as well as a firm favorite for visitors and residents alike. Mahiki Beach will serve you to make memories, which are going to last forever.

7. Trocadero Arena Marbella

A seaside restaurant, situated at the Rio Real Beach in Marbella, which retained the true ethos of chiringuito is Trocadero Arena. The restaurant is easily approachable by the A7 motorway. The venue has been featured in various specialist publications on gastronomy, beauty, and fashion. In addition to that, it has been calling the attention of TV programmes. Trocadero is unquestionably a mesmerizing place full of charm and comfort – opens day and night and all the 365 days of the year.

8. Soleo Marbella 

Sitting on the shore of Fuerte, Marbella – Soleo Marbella has established a name for its elegant aesthetics, excellent cuisine, professional and exquisite service. Just imagine yourself sitting in the most unique and comfortable atmosphere while feeling the wind softly caressing you. The decor transports you to an elegant, glamorous, and classic ship that ensures you never miss the views of the sea through its mirrors – a bit of witchcraft to make you feel as you are actually sailing. Come and explore the newly fitted-out Soleo Marbella with a modern and warm, completely renovated image, created by Isabel Lopez Vilalta who is one of the best interior designers around the world and especially famed for acclaimed designs like Celler Can Roca.

9. La Cabane Marbella 

La Cabane is one of the most elegant and exclusive venues sitting on Costa del Sol, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The modern and functional design with the splendid panoramic views makes La Cabane Beach Club an ideal spot for getting the buzz out of a relaxing day. It offers the individual hammocks for you to sunbathe and also the Bali beds surrounding the pool. La Cabane extends all the amenities of an opulent and lavish beach club including a welcome reception, cold towels, fruit kebabs, and the tip-top service from the staff. For those who want an exclusive or more private area, La Cabane offers a VIP zone where one can make the most out of an exclusive VIP experience including exclusive service with a fruit basket, a bottle of champagne, water spray, special VIP card, special amenities, and personalized services. Free parking service is exclusive for the clients, which has direct access to the beachline.

10. Nikki Beach Marbella 

Marbella’s Beach List would be incomplete if we fail to mention Nikki Beach. Situated nearby Elviria – Nikki Beach Club Marbella is just five minutes drive away from Costabella. It saw the light in the year 2003 and comprised of a large open-air restaurant, a lifestyle boutique, a pool with the VIP beds and loungers on a raised deck, an octagon-shaped bar, and a beautiful terrace that extended the splendid views of the Mediterranean Sea. Nikki beach is most famous for its exclusivity amidst other beach clubs on Costa del Sol. The venue is situated on an awe-inspiring and picturesque stretch of the beach and alongside Carlos Hotel. Can you imagine a more wonderful setting than that?

11. Puro Beach Marbella 

Situated on the tranquil shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Puro Beach Marbella is nothing less than a make-believe paradise that is made up of a restaurant with global cuisine, quality music, cocktail service, spa, and lounge. Puro Beach is one of the best Beach Clubs on the Costa del Sol, which extend the most paramount beach experience. Recline and get a buzz out of this magnificent setting, exclusively made for you with all the superb Puro details in place!

12. Estrella Del Mar Marbella

With exclusivity, character, nature, and relaxation – Estrella del Mar extends the most paramount and luxury accommodation that Costa del Sol has on offer. Estrella del Mar is a five-star hotel, inspired by the Orient theme, filled with all sorts of specialized services and details one can think of. An awe-inspiring Beach Club, gourmet cuisine, golf, spa, function rooms for events and weddings, extensive gardens and amenities where you will get a most welcoming atmosphere, exquisite taste, and tranquility. To cut it short, Estrella del Mar is a lifestyle, a divine way of living in Marbella.

13. Pangea Marbella

Pangea is one of the exotic clubs located in Spain. People who are interested in getting a luxurious night entertainment experience with non-stop partying at the roof terrace can think about visiting Pangea. It is a club that is filled with luxury and you will love every single second that you spend in here.

14. Funky Buddha Marbella

A large number of clubs are available for the people who visit Marbella to enjoy their nightlife. Out of those clubs, Funky Buddha has received a lot of positive attention in the recent past. Most of the people who want to get a VIP clubbing experience tend to go ahead and visit Funky Buddha. All of them are guaranteed to enjoy a great time during the stay as well. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice, before you pay entrance to get into the club.

15. Tibu Banús Marbella 

Undoubtedly, Tibu Banús is one of the hottest nightclubs that you can find in the entire region. If you are planning to experience the nightlight in the port, this is one of the clubs that you must visit. It can provide you with the best nightlife experiences that you can ever receive as well. All the people who walk into this club are guaranteed to keep on dancing until the early hours. While you are dancing, they will provide you with unlimited champagne and vodka as well.

16. La Suite Marbella 

Only a handful number of nightclubs that you can find in the region provide guests with the ability to spend their time with rich and famous. If you are interested in visiting such a nightclub, La Suite is one of the best options available to consider. It has earned a lot of positive reputation for a nightclub, where a lot of rich and famous individuals hang around. The nightclub is also in a position to attract a lot of crowds towards it. Therefore, you will be provided with the opportunity to experience an epitome of glamour while you are spending your time in here.

17. Mirage Marbella 

Mirage is a nightclub that always tries to provide the best possible entertainment for all the guests. You will be able to discover a complete lineup of DJs, who are playing the hottest tracks in here. People who are interested in getting this unique experience tend to visit the nightclub and have a great time. On the other hand, the nightclub is also located in a convenient place. Therefore, you will find it as an easy task to get there.

18. Seven Marbella 

Seven nightclub has earned positive reputation in the past because it offers something for everyone. Due to the same reason, Seven club is quite different from the other clubs that you can see in the Puerto Banus region as well. You will be able to find an Asian and an Arabic mixed design inside this club. You can also discover the portrayals of chandeliers, Buddha’s and small covens throughout seven nightclub.

19. Dreamers Marbella

Dreamers is a legendary nightclub that you can discover in Marbella. If you want to experience an outstanding night, Dreamers is a great place that you can visit. In fact, this nightclub was able to take the nightlife of Marbella into the next level. That’s mainly because you can discover a lot of outstanding performances in the club. If you are a fan of techno, house and electric, this is a good option that you can consider. In addition to that, you will also be provided with the opportunity to party until the dawn.

20. Dreamers Marbella

Dreamers is a legendary nightclub that you can discover in Marbella. If you want to experience an outstanding night, Dreamers is a great place that you can visit. In fact, this nightclub was able to take the nightlife of Marbella into the next level. That’s mainly because you can discover a lot of outstanding performances in the club. If you are a fan of techno, house and electric, this is a good option that you can consider. In addition to that, you will also be provided with the opportunity to party until the dawn.

21. Mask Marbella

Mask Marbella has been able to earn reputation as one of the newest nightlife venues that you can find in the region. If you want to get a truly unique experience, you can think about going there. It can also be considered as a nightclub, which provides something for everyone. Therefore, you will be able to walk in and enjoy your time without any hassle.

22. La Sala Marbella

La Sala is one of the newly opened clubs in Puerto Banus. It has received a lot of positive attention for the unique and outstanding vibe offered to the guests. This club is located under the La Sala restaurant and bar. In fact, it is a part of the Sala Group as well.

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