Best Nightclubs in Montañita City

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Montañita City

1. Poco Loco Montanita City

Looking for a place to relax and have the most unwinding night but feel those beachy waves as well? Poco Loco is the right spot for you! Located at Calle de Los cócteles, Montañita 241702, this place is, for sure, a must-visit for all people living in and outside Montanita. The place is spacious, has an open bar till midnight, and everyone in Poco Loco is committed to working with their best foot forward. From extravagant cocktails to vibrant dance floors to exceptional turntables, Poco Loco would make you want to sway to the beats in no time.

2. Caña Grill Montañita City

A restaurant by day, nightclub by night, Cana Grill is the best place in Montanita to detox and unwind your worries away. For a cover charge of 10$, You can relax and unwind with internationals and locals alike. The place showcases some of the best music beats that you can imagine. From live music to RnB, from Rap to rock, you can enjoy to the brim with the best cocktails, snacks, and dancefloor. To add to its ambiance the place has a gorgeous view of the beach; making it surreal and unforgettable.

3. Lost Beach Club Montañita City

To experience the actual side of Montanita, one has to divulge into the beachy waves that this place prides itself on. To take it up a few notches, Montanita has connected the love of the beach with their nightlife, resulting in a place called Lost Beach Club. Located on Malecon Montanita EC240111 Montanita, this place is everything you wished for. The sound of water splashing, music beats, and liquid luck pouring in makes this place a must-visit for everyone.

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