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Poco Loco Montanita City, Guide & Review

Looking for a place to relax and have the most unwinding night but feel those beachy waves as well? Poco Loco is the right spot for you! Located at Calle de Los cócteles, Montañita 241702, this place is, for sure, a must-visit for all people living in and outside Montanita.

The place is spacious, has an open bar till midnight, and everyone in Poco Loco is committed to working with their best foot forward. From extravagant cocktails to vibrant dance floors to exceptional turntables, Poco Loco would make you want to sway to the beats in no time.

The time for enjoying Poco Loco is 9:30 AM till Late every day. You can easily have a VIP area reserved for you and your friends or have a memorable night with Bottle Service. The bars are well-equipped with a large variety of drinks, and you will never be disappointed. Every night is themed night, and you will always be happy and cheerful at the end. Monday is Karaoke Night, where you can have fun and sing as though no one can hear you. Tuesday is Reggae Night, where you can enjoy the beauty of Reggae while the Sea Breeze takes away every worry you seem to have. If you have enough cash on you, you can have a night to remember! The drinks are a little expensive, but with just the right amount of money, you can enjoy the view from the top floor of Poco Loco. Thursdays are Ladies Night, where all girls can enjoy the place overlooking the sea view.

You can easily reserve your spot for any social gathering you like, be it birthday parties, corporate meetings, or a certain someone you would want to impress.

Poco Loco has it all, amazing bottle service, the ideal place overlooking the sea view, professional staff, and expert DJs creating sick beats to keep the place alive and lively.

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