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Furthermore, you can get on the guest list or book a table with bottle service on some of the more exclusive clubs. We are happy to help you out with either.

The Best Places to go Clubbing in Oslo

1. The Club Oslo

The Club in Oslo is a must-see for the clubbers in Oslo. They have a very happening dance floor where you are sure to find a partner in minutes. You can also order your favorite cocktails and alcoholic drinks from the bar. The service there is exceptional. The Club is also famous for hosting the best parties of the season. Whether it is a summer jam, Halloween or Christmas you can be sure to have a great time here. You can hear Electronica and Techno beats playing from their surround sound speakers on Friday and Saturday nights.  Make sure you dress up for the occasion because this is a classy establishment and are known to turn people away based on their attire.

2. Skaugum Oslo

Skaugum is the outdoor dance and night club located inside The Palace Grill. The DJ is there on the weekends to get the party started and allow the patrons to forget their troubles of the week. They host many concerts most of which are open to the public free of charge. They have added space heating lamps, cables and a grill so the party doesn’t stop even in sub degree weather. You can even book their backyard for your private events. Moreover, the club will provide the bottle service, staff and snack menu. Additionally, Skaugum is known for its exceptional customer service. The staff treats guests like they are a part of the family.

3. Sirkus Oslo

Sirkus is a multi-level club that caters to people with different tastes in music. This is the reason it attracts crowds of all ages. The ground floor plays 80s and 90s hits while the top floor is dedicated to Hip Hop. Sirkus is a popular club and while on weekends it is open to the general public, it can be booked for private events during the week. The security is effective but they are also particular about the dress code so make sure you are dressed to nines for Sirkus. They have a bar that serves drinks such as cocktails, liquors and beers. Bottle service can also be ordered by those who have booked their own table.

4. Nox Oslo

Nox/Sollihagen is one of the night clubs where you can expect to find a happening party. They do this without compromising on the level of service delivered by the bartenders, servers and security staff. The music you can expect to hear at the club can vary from mainstream to EDM and House. Nox is also known for its lights and effects show which continues all night. They also have a rooftop where you can chill on summer nights and enjoy your cocktails. The club also invites DJs from all over the world to play their set for the crowd. You can even book a VIP table for you and your group by making a reservation in advance.

5. Lawo Oslo

Leave your inhibitions at the door when you enter Lawo. This club is known for their great service and you can be sure you will be taken care of while you are there. The DJs have a playlist of House, Deep House and Techno House music. The light display is psychedelic and makes the clubbers feel out of this world. You can have your name added to the guest list beforehand to avoid the long line outside the club. There is also bottle service for those who have booked their own tables. Lawo hosts many of the biggest parties in Oslo. They have had many local and international musical acts perform at the venue as well.

6. Jaeger Oslo

For a touch of the music scene in America, visit Jaeger. This is an intimate club where they have curated the best Techno and House playlist in all of Oslo. The They have added a lighting and sound system that parallels the best in the world. The DJ booth rotates so people on all ends of the dance floor can get a view of it. There is also a sauna booth that you can book for yourself and your friends to relax and sweat out all the worries. Jaeger is a safe space for people from all backgrounds and no discrimination is tolerated. The club is open throughout the week and every night has its own theme.

7. Elefant Oslo

Elefant is a rustic café by day and a happening night club at night. It has a minimalist interior design and is known for playing some of the latest hits. This is a space where art exhibitions and workshops often take place through the week. This is why it has a sophisticated and cultured feel. Additionally, the people who work at Elefant are there for the love of the music and they serve everyone with respect. The club has one of the best sound systems in the city. On top of that, it can house a maximum of 150 people so on most nights the place is packed.

8. The Villa Dancing Oslo 

The Villa Dancing Oslo is one of the underground clubs that attracts the youth. National and International DJs fill the halls with the latest beats. Their main focus is on the quality of sound and the artistic light design on the flat screens. The club has won many national and international awards. That is why there is always a lot of people waiting for doors to open. There are often live performances at the venue and the music excites the crowd. The music played at this venue is Electronic and Dance which is perfect for a party. The Villa is known for its friendly staff and great service all over Norway.

9. Ingensteds Oslo 

Ingensteds is a night club for the cool kids. Housed inside an old textile factory, they have managed to maintain the industrial vibe of the place. That is not to say, the club is not fixed with new lighting, sound systems and comfortable seating options. Ingensteds is a club on the weekends, while it is reserved for cultural events for the rest of the week . They often hold concerts and musical performances. The place is also open to booking for private events. The type of music played here is diverse. They also have one of the best views of the city because it overlooks the Akerselva river.

10. Elsker Oslo 

Elsker Club is the only place in Oslo where you can dance as hard as your body allows you to. It is the only gay club in the city and welcomes people from all backgrounds and orientations. Moreover, the club has three different levels all dedicated to a certain genre of music. On the ground floor you can hear songs from the Eurovision finalists, the first floor plays Top 40 charts and the top floor is dedicated to EDM with DJs dropping the beats. The club loves strobe lighting and think it goes well with the crowd’s mood. They also have drag shows and go-go dancers during the weekends. The security is tight to ensure everyone feels safe.

11. Bla Oslo 

If you want to party hard all night, then Bla is the place to be. The club is welcoming to Norwegians and foreigners alike. There are very few night clubs in Oslo where you can have a bite to eat as well but Bla is one of them. They have an entire menu and the kitchen makes vegetarian dishes as well. Every Saturday night there is a live music act which comprises of music from the genres of Electronica, Hip-Hop, Jazz and even Metal. Bla is a good place for celebrating your special occasion and they take bookings for large or small groups. This alternative venue has all the ingredients needed to make your night out one worth remembering.

12. VU Oslo

VU is a nightclub with an intimate setting and a comfortable environment. It is one of the underground clubs in Oslo and is jam packed on weekend nights. They have a large sound system which booms throughout the venue. The club has limited space so it is very exclusive. However, it is open for bookings if you want to host a private party or any kind of celebration. The DJ plays Electronic and Dance music to get the party vibe going all night. The dress code is casual on Fridays but they are stricter on Saturdays demanding all the patrons to be dressed up.

13. Club Albertine Oslo

Club Albertine is an old school night club that opens on Wednesday night so people can have a place to go after a stressful day at work or university. They are inspired by the days of past and added comfortable sofa booths as well as a standing bar. It also turns on the fluorescent light and makes you feel like you are in a virtual reality game. The club also throws many parties all year round. They have a table where there is often a game of beer pong set up. The club only allows people over the age of 23 inside so make sure to bring your ID.

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