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Techno has always been popular, but personally it’s increasingly popular for its accessibility, it’s quite comfortable and easy to listen to perhaps because it’s repetitive and has modern sounds and effects which captivates more and more young people. If you like Techno music then Techno clubs in Oslo will definitely provide you with amazing and unforgettable experiences. Oslo city is renowned for predominantly techno raves.

Techno clubs in Oslo features heavy Techno beats, friendly and professional staff with service, beautiful crowd, state of art lighting and sound systems, Techno clubs in Oslo are decked out with, world best, talented and iconic rotating DJ booth, a courtyard sauna booth, and the intimate cabin space mixing great Techno music, cool and unique spaces with awesome atmosphere, extremely cool music and vibes, spacious and stylish dance floors, full bars with Variety of legit drinks and delicious cocktails, and excellent and comfortable outdoor spaces.

Elefant Oslo

Elefant is a rustic café by day and a happening night club at night. It has a minimalist interior design and is known for playing some of the latest hits. This is a space where art exhibitions and workshops often take place through the week. This is why it has a sophisticated and cultured feel. Additionally, the people who work at Elefant are there for the love of the music and they serve everyone with respect. The club has one of the best sound systems in the city. On top of that, it can house a maximum of 150 people so on most nights the place is packed.

The Villa Dancing Oslo

The Villa Dancing Oslo is one of the underground clubs that attracts the youth. National and International DJs fill the halls with the latest beats. Their main focus is on the quality of sound and the artistic light design on the flat screens. The club has won many national and international awards. That is why there is always a lot of people waiting for doors to open. There are often live performances at the venue and the music excites the crowd. The music played at this venue is Electronic and Dance which is perfect for a party. The Villa is known for its friendly staff and great service all over Norway.

Ingensteds Oslo

Ingensteds is a night club for the cool kids. Housed inside an old textile factory, they have managed to maintain the industrial vibe of the place. That is not to say, the club is not fixed with new lighting, sound systems and comfortable seating options. Ingensteds is a club on the weekends, while it is reserved for cultural events for the rest of the week . They often hold concerts and musical performances. The place is also open to booking for private events. The type of music played here is diverse. They also have one of the best views of the city because it overlooks the Akerselva river.


The party never stops at Oslo’s clubs, where you can dance into the wee hours of the morning. Oslo’s locals come out to play at some great joints to hang out and with drinks to keep you warm even in freezing Oslo weather; the midnight oil burns bright here and we’re loving every minute of it. Oslo city has the best hip-hop clubs to hang out on the dance floor for some cool electronic beats.

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