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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Richmond

1. Fallout Richmond

Fallout RVA

Fallout is a Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub located in Richmond. It is an Uptempo nightspot offering a range of cocktails, beer & bar bites amid live DJs, bands & events. There are two dress codes at this nightclub: For members-only events & non-members for only event / open events. There is no dress code for non-members on event / open events. So, such patrons can wear anything from casual to their choice outfits on that day.

2. Terri’s Richmond

Terri's Richmond

Terri’s is a Lounge, Restaurant, Dance club and Nightclub located in Richmond, Virginia. At this nightclub, patrons are allowed to wear anything they fancy. So, the dress code at Terri’s is casual. You can dress to impress if you want and meet someone special. A bar is available at the scene that takes care of patrons’ alcoholic needs. They are provided with alcoholic drinks, beer, cocktails and special drinks. The music played at this nightclub falls under these musical genres: Reggae Music, Rap Music, Southern Soul Music and Hip Hop Music.

3. Babe’s of Carytown Richmondheikh

Babe's of Carytown Richmondheikh

The bar at this venue is one of Richmond’s favourites! It features three full-fledged bars with Daily Lunch and Dinner Specials. Also, Babe’s of Carytown is open six days a week. There is a beach volleyball court available. So, the dance floor, pool tables, outdoor patio, live bands, karaoke and style weekly’s #1 DJ and Drag Queens are a significant attraction. Babe’s of Carytown is an LGBTQ owned and operated establishment. It has been in business for at least thirty-two years now. It was voted best of Richmond many times and in many categories. So, they placed them in the Hall of Fame.

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Does Richmond have good nightlife?

The #1 dive bar in Virginia offers line dancing. Richmond is a nightlife region, and everyone goes out late at night.

What is Richmond city known for?

Richmond is a city of culture, nature, food, and more! There are infinite things to do in RVA, from dining at James Beard-nominated restaurants to white water rafting down the mighty James River, from visiting world-class museums to attending incredible ethnic festivals.

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