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Fallout Richmond, Guide & Review

Fallout is a Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub located in Richmond. It is an Uptempo nightspot offering a range of cocktails, beer & bar bites amid live DJs, bands & events. There are two dress codes at this nightclub: For members-only events & non-members for only event / open events. There is no dress code for non-members on event / open events. So, such patrons can wear anything from casual to their choice outfits on that day.

On the other hand, the dress code for members on members-only-events has a detailed guideline to be followed. Appropriate examples for such events include dressing the property for the themed event of the evening. The fetish wear includes Liquids, Corsets, Leather, Vinyl, PVC, Platforms, Collars, Cuffs, Fishnets, Satin/Lane, Chain, Knotwork, Roleplay Gear and Boots. Patrons are also allowed to wear Black life Gear, Goth Gear, Industrial Night Standards, Dress Shirts, Button-up Shirts, and Standard Black Shirts. Dress Jeans and Slacks are also included in the dress code. You can choose to wear the famous wardrobe of Prince, and you will be allowed entry. Remember, when in doubt, wearing black is always a good option for dancing to Sisters of Mercy.

Now let us look at some of the inappropriate examples of dress code. Following Clothing articles are not allowed:

  • Khakis
  • Popped Collars
  • Historically Accurate Military Wear (regardless of country of origin, except United States Active Duty or Veteran Status)
  • White T-Shirts
  • White Polo Shirts
  • Clothing with Crappy or offensive Slogans
  • Snooki or Paulie D’s Entire Wardrobe


Fallout celebrates diversity and inclusion. So, hate or intolerance of any kind is not welcome inside the establishment at any time. Patrons are required to respect staff members, other guests and all visitors – which is the cardinal rule of this place. They have limited entry nights such as weekdays to meet other members for sponsorship. Fallout is not an average nightclub that allows foolish behaviour. Everyone is expected to show respect and behave in a consensual manner towards others.


You shouldn’t visit if you are:

  • squeamish
  • speak poorly of others
  • plan on being judgmental
  • enjoy drama
  • can’t control yourself
  • plan on getting intoxicated
  • cannot act like a responsible adult.

Memberships can be filled out at the club anytime. So, memberships cannot be applied online. You must have a valid ID, be at least 21 to use. You must also have a membership sponsor – a member of the club that can suggest you as a likely candidate. Your card will be ready in approximately 14 days if you are approved. You are not a member until you have this card in your hand. Memberships cannot be issued when applied for. A membership committee reviews them.

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