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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Rotterdam

1. Club Vie Rotterdam

Club Vie is one of the hottest clubs in town. It is where all the youngsters flock to as soon as its Friday night. They have a psychedelic lighting system which flickers in beat with the music. Club Vie is a popular venue for birthday parties and other celebrations. They have VIP booths and bottle service as well. Club Vie often hosts the best live concerts and DJs so you should keep a lookout for any great parties coming up. The music played varies from International Charts to Hip Hop and EDM. The club is open till 5 am so you can literally dance the night away.

2. Cultuurpodium Perron Rotterdam

Cultuurpodium Perron is the city’s favourite place to relax and unwind. It captures the essence of Rotterdam inside its four walls. It is one of the underground clubs present in the area which means the atmosphere is very relaxed and casual. There are murals and graffiti drawn by local artists and the overall interior design is very artistic. The DJ plays Techno House music that will get your feet tapping and on the dance floor in no time. The bar serves a variety of drinks and at very low prices which explains why people keep coming back. Furthermore, the place regularly holds events and parties where live acts or DJs perform.

3. Lounge Club Laxx Rotterdam

Lounge Club Laxx is where you should go if you want the complete Rotterdam nightlife experience. The DJ drops the latest beats whether it is EDM, RnB or Latin. The club is known for its special offers on drinks and tickets to events. It is the place to go if you want to party on a budget. There are standing tables as well as lounge chairs. LEDs cover the walls and play videos in sync with the music. It is a cozy lace to celebrate a special occasion with friends and the venue for the city’s wildest parties. Other thank drinks, shisha is also available in many flavours.

4. Now&Wow Rotterdam

Now&Wow as the name suggests is a happening place that leaves all patrons awestruck. They have built an ambience where it is impossible to not feel good. The vibe is energetic and the music is on point. They play EDM and promote new local DJs and artists often. The club is located on the 10th floor of the Maassilo and it is accessible by public transport so no one has to be the designated driver anymore. There is always a party or concert happening at Now&Wow so make sure to check their schedule. Do not miss out on their raves because they guarantee an unforgettable experience.

5. Reverse Rotterdam

Reverse is the place to get wild on the weekends. The place comes to life on Friday night and the arty continues till the a.m. It has a great vibe and the music played is mostly Techno House. The club is known for its excellent service. Whether it is the servers, the hosts or the bartenders everyone has a smile on their face. There are entertainers scheduled to perform most days so there is never a dull moment. Other than drinks, the place is smoker-friendly and you can enjoy your cigarette, cigar or vape in peace. There is even an area to cool-off once you are tired of dancing.

6. Club Empire Rotterdam

Club Empire is the chicest night club in all of Rotterdam. The ultimate party experience has been curated by the people at Empire Media. This is a place where you can dance all night long. The dance floor can accommodate 700 people and there are two VIP patios for private affairs. There is a separate lounge for smoking and along with their well-stocked bars, a snack corner is also present. The club hosts many international DJs who play RnB, Hip Hop and EDM. They regularly host concerts, themed events and parties so there is always something happening at the club. The latest audio and visual technology is installed at the venue to give the party people of Rotterdam the best of everything.

7. Club Nora Rotterdam

Club Nora is a club for young people because the vibe on the dance floor is energetic. On weekends the basement is overflowing with party people who are there for a good time. A cover charge is required at the door which can be redeemed in the form of drinks. You can also order food from their menu because there is a café upstairs with a fully operational kitchen. The club has a well-stocked bar and comfortable sofas to lounge on. They play all types of music from R&B to the Classics. The DJ booth is large and there are giant screens on the walls to play the visuals to go with the songs.

8. Club Kings 010 Rotterdam

Club Kings 010 is one of the trendiest night clubs in Rotterdam. It is where people come to have a good time because of the relaxed atmosphere. They have an energetic vibe and the DJ plays great music from EDM to House. You can order drinks at the bar or bottle service for your booth. The club also serves shisha for those who want to smoke flavored hookah. The entire place is immersed in blue light so you can dance like no one is watching. Do not miss out on of their parties because they are known to be the events people talk about for years.

9. Bikini Studente Discotheek Rotterdam

Bikini Rotterdam also known as the Student Discotheque is the go-to spot for the youth of Rotterdam. It is open to anyone who has a valid student ID including foreign exchange visitors as well. The place is known for its cheap drinks and operational hours. Bikini is open on Wednesday nights to get you through the half week and then Friday nights to kick off the weekend. They play the latest hits in music to get everyone on the dance floor and showing off their moves. You can even rent the venue for an event or celebration at a discounted price for students.

10. Club Transport Rotterdam

Club Transport will take you to a world of enjoyment and celebration. They are one of the most popular nightclubs in Rotterdam. The venue has limited operational hours so there is always a long line at the door. You can buy drink tokens to redeem inside the club and also order bottle service for you and your friends. The venue even has lockers for those who want to keep their belongings safe so they can dance the night away. Club Transport is known for its unmatched sound quality because they have the best sound system in the city. Many live music acts also perform here. The music played by the DJs here varies from Techno to House.