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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Sharm el-Sheikh

1. Bora Bora Beach Club Sharm el-Sheikh

Bora Bora Beach Club Sharm el-Sheikh

Bora Bora is an exclusive beach club. Amazing view in the center of Naama bay. Beach and form parties every Thursday. It’s connected to enormous self-sustained entertainment. Bora Bora is next to the idyllic Pontal dos Carneiros Bungalows. Apart from its beachfront location, Bora Bora offers a resting place and watering hole for the whole family, couples and groups. It’s located in an area with uncompromised natural beauty.

2. Pacha Sharm El Sheikh

Pacha Sharm El Sheikh

If you want to shake a leg with your friends in a glittering environment, then a visit to the Pacha Sharm El-sheikh will just be perfect for you. Pacha Sharm El-sheikh is a nightclub with a whole year round open-air room, VIP lounges surrounding the dance floor and an awesome pool. Built on the grounds of the famous Sanafir Hotel, it first opened in 2004 and has been renowned for hosting the largest electronic music acts in the world. Pacha Sharm El-sheikh is one and only Pacha nightclub hotel in the world. It’s one of the oldest club nightclubs in Sharm El-sheikh is located in the heart of Naama bay and welcomes its guests every evening.

3. Space Sharm El Sheikh

Space Sharm

The club opened in 2010 and it’s situated in the heart of the desert. The venue accommodates 9,000 to 10,000 people. Space Sharm has established itself as a major player in the Middle East clubbing scene. It targets a pool of tourists who return year upon year and as such every night has a sense of abandon that give it that special edge.

4. Amoun Sharm El Sheikh

Amoun Sharm El Sheikh

Amoun is a nightclub located in  Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Amon Sharm is the premier Arabian/Khaliji clubbing location in the Sharm El-sheikh, a synonym for Khaleeji nightlife throughout the region and beyond.

5. Stargate Disco Club Sharm El Sheikh

Stargate Disco Club Sharm El Sheikh

Stargate is a Disco club in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt. The passion of a European creative team lights up the night with the most refined musical selection mixed by a collective of DJs and producers of Stargate records.

6. Little Buddha Sharm El Sheikh

Little Buddha Sharm El Sheikh

Little Buddha Sharm El-sheikh is another offshoot of the famous Buddha Bar in Paris and successful French inspired Asian drinking and dining venue is just as elaborate as it is in the original.

7. La Dolce Vita Sharm El Sheikh

La Dolce Vita Sharm El Sheikh

The biggest desert party in The Red Sea and the best Nightclub located at Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt. It’s a well known nightclub, in fact, is a favorite meeting point for young, locals tourism that gathers numerous international DJs throughout the year offering a stage that is certainly different from metropolitan one but no less effective or popular, far from it.

8. Eden Ibiza Sharm El Sheikh

Eden Ibiza Sharm El Sheikh

A very unique experience during the day and party at night. Amazing party, great DJs, Best private beach and lounge, best atmosphere and  awesome drinks. Fantastic and stylish nightclub venue on the beach.

9. Pangaea Nightclub Sharm El Sheikh

Pangaea Nightclub Sharm El Sheikh

Pangaea is a nightclub in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt. The club brings the best sounds from all over the world, international DJs, impressive selection of international drinks and cocktails as well as an exciting flair bartending show. After the sun sets the venue evolves into a utopian clubbing experience like no other, making Pangaea the only place to be at summer.

10. O Beach Club Sharm El Sheikh

O Beach Club Sharm El Sheikh

O Beach Club with simple rooms, some with terraces, in a relaxed hotel with rooftop bar, pools and a spa area. Ocean Beach Club is located in Sharm El-sheikh

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Does Sharm El Sheikh have nightlife?

The nightlife of Sharm el Sheikh offers really spoiled for choice, with bar, nightclubs and discos that organize parties and themed evenings throughout the week. And more, cocktails at sunset, beach parties with dj, lounge bars and clubs with live music: impossible not to have fun!

What is the nightlife like in Egypt?

Egypt is one of the best destinations to party till the sun comes up. Some of the places to party hard at are clubs, pubs, discotheques, bars, restaurants and cafes. Tourists will be thoroughly entertained all night long. The spirit of Egypt nightlife never dies down.

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