Sharm el-Sheikh Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Welcome to Sharm el-Sheikh’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Sharm el-Sheikh. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Situated on the southern tip of Egypt, near the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el-Sheikh is the upcoming tourist spot in the region. Recently the luxury resorts there have been hosting tons of international tourists for vacations or business stays. 

Sharm el-Sheikh has a vibrant culture, warm locals, and luxury experiences lined up for enjoyment. But, just like the UAE, this coastal town is an oasis in the desert. Sharm el-Sheikh translates to the name ‘City of peace.’ 

Global hotel chains like Marriot, Hyatt, Four Seasons, and Ritz Carlson have invested in this upcoming travel haven. This port city has now converted itself into a tourism hub with water sports, nightclubs, spas, hotels, and other unique properties. The blend of desert sand dunes and glistening blue waters of the red sea makes Sharm el-Sheikh no less than paradise. 

Best resorts to stay at in Sharm el Sheikh

The bayside town of Sharm el-Sheikh has some of the best resorts and hotels one can find in Egypt. Recently big projects have sprung up, which gives visitors a wide range of mid to luxury-level stays to pick from. Here are some of the top-rated properties that you can consider for your vacation. 

  1. Sunrise Montemare Resort Grand Select

This is among the best waterfront hotels one can book in Sharm el-Sheikh. Overlooking the magnetic and serene Red sea, Sunrise Montemare ensures exceptional services to all customers. There are luxury suites that come with a private garden, pool, and a full sea view. Also, enjoy Dining, Spa, and Bar facilities during your stay here. The staff at this hotel is also highly professional, warm, and welcoming, as suggested by all customer reviews. 

  1. Savoy Sharm El-Sheikh

Located near Mohammed National Park, this five-star property is one of the most booked hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh. The hotel offers bar, pool, sea view, private beach access, bread and breakfast, restaurants, water sports, and many other facilities for its price. In addition, there are many kinds of rooms, like diplomatic suites, special needs rooms, triple occupancies, and a unique executive suite. Inside the hotel, you will also find good bars and nightclubs where you can indulge during the evenings. 

  1. Four Seasons Resort Sharm El-Sheikh

Four seasons is a global hotel chain. It is one of the most expensive luxury hotels you will find on the Boulevard Sinai Peninsula. The hotel interiors and outside architecture is inspired by Egyptian and Middle Eastern elements. The terrace is dome-shaped, and villas are two-storied with a breathtaking view of the sea. The hotel has many VIP suits for special guests looking to have a relaxing and fun time in Sharm el-Sheikh. You will find all kinds of desert and water activities here as well. 

  1. Park Regency Sharm El-Sheikh Resort

This resort is laid out as a true piece of art by the edge of sandy desert and sea. It is a little elevated, so the sunset view of the ocean is even clearer. Gardens Bay in South Senai is a diver’s paradise. The hotel arranges all types of water activities for kids and adults. There is a good selection of bars and restaurants on the Park property, so you don’t have to step out to party. Although, there are plenty of nearby market places to visit as well. 

  1. Rixos Sharm El-Sheikh

This is a big and busy hotel with hundreds of rooms. Rixos was voted as one of the best hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh by traveler’s popular choice. The best thing is that Rixos provides a wide array of activities to customers. Some of the popular yearly events hosted are Rixos Cup and Sports Fest. Also, guests can relax in the Turkish bath, get a therapy or yoga session from in-house experts. In addition, the music fests and world-famous DJs make nights here livelier. 

  1. Iberotel Palace

The Iberotel Palace brands itself as a home away from home for its visitors on vacation. It is such hospitality for which this hotel continues to have loyal customers returning year after year. The Heavenly Cathedral, which is a famous tourist visit, is located only meters away. The Al Mustafa Mosque is also easily accessible. The hotel has a fitness center where you can burn off some calories before drinking away in house bars and clubs. 

  1. Movenpick Hotels and resorts

This property has some key selling points for which it is a favorite among many. Discover true happiness vacationing at the seafront hotel. It is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. You can plan whole days of fun-filled activities without getting out of the hotel. From spa retreats in the morning to clubbing at night, everything is sorted here. It is also quite kid-friendly and suitable for family vacations. 

Best bars and clubs in Sharm el Sheikh

Contrary to what one might think, drinking is not prohibited in Egypt. There are hundreds of bars in Sharm El-Sheikh itself where you will find anything from European scotch to blended cocktails. The best ones are listed below so that you know where exactly to visit. 

  1. Crystal Live Lounge

Soho Square is studded with extraordinary clubs, bars, and eateries. Crystal is one of its most popular ones. The club opens at 6 PM, and the last drinks are served at 1 AM. So you can party away all evening while chugging one drink after another at this ultra-stylish club. The club also hosts live music nights featuring the most talented international artists. Also, the crowd is enthusiastic, and the servers are extremely friendly at Crystal. 

  1. Kitano Top Bar

This bar is also located in Soho Square on the second floor of Sushi Lounge. The rooftop bar comes with an exquisite view of the city lighted up below. In the distance, you can also see the Red Sea. The ambiance is pleasurable, yet fun and the staff is friendly. The menu is again Japanese-inspired, so the sushi perfectly pairs up with the strong spirits on the drinks menu. 

  1. Ice Bar

One of the most interestingly designed theme bars, Ice is a unique experience in the Middle East. The whole interior of the bar is made of glass ice. Even the drinks are served in ice cube glasses. The temperature is below freezing point, so you have to wear a jacket at all times. Drinking in cold weather bars has been popularized in many places. The ice bar is a pioneer in its concept and vodka shooters in Sharm El-Sheikh.   

  1. Oxygen Bar

To party long, hard and uninterrupted, there is no better place than Oxygen in Soho. Again another concept bar, where oxygen serves to be the enchanting main element. Dance and drink away the night with your friends here on the beats of popular tracks. The scented aroma, hard drinks, and groovy music make partying at Electric and Oxygen Bar so much fun. 

  1. Camel Bar and Roof 

When in the Middle East, do as the Egyptians do. Although you will find many international restaurants and bars here, Camel stands out because of its authenticity. Located in Naama Bay, it is partly a sports bar. You can relax while drinking a beer and watching the match on the big screen. The roof space is meant for music and dancing. The bar has something unique for every person, along with its mind-blowing food and drinks menu. 

  1. Viva Beach

This beach facing is perfect for relaxing in the evening. One can look out at the extended Naama Bay promenade and enjoy Viva’s cocktail specialties. The food menu features meat and seafood, and both are prepared on a charcoal grill. They perfectly pair up with the blended alcohols. In the evening, talented local musicians are also found playing at this spot. 

  1. On deck 

It is Sharm El-Sheikh’s only floating restaurant. This simple bar cum diner floats on the undercurrents of the red sea. The menu is diverse, featuring Italian and Mediterranean delicacies. The risotto and lamb chops are most exquisite and among their all-time best sellers. You must also try the fresh jumbo shrimps here, caught by local fishermen. The view and food here compete with each other to become the highlight of the evening. 

Best Nightclubs in Sharm el Sheikh

There is a lively and fun night partying culture in Sharm El-Sheikh. The best nightclubs are located in Soho and the bay area. The list of safe, classy, and exotic nightclubs in this new tourist city is endless. 

  1. Pangaea Club

Featuring on top of every list of nightclubs, this place is the first place party-goers must visit in Sharm El-Sheikh. The dance floors the main attraction of the club, which changes color. The DJ plays till 4 AM, and the bar remains open for you to drink and dance away the night. Although the Pangaea Club is the most frequented spot in Soho, all the after-party’s happen here.  

  1. Pacha nightclub

This is the most famous nightclub not just in El-Sheikh, but all of Egypt. The high ceiling, dazzling neon lights, large central dance floor, and tequila shots make partying till 4 AM a must. The whole décor nightclub has a European touch and looks straight out of Amsterdam. The DJ plays all sorts of music from trance, deep house to hip hop. Pacha is the regular party spot of travelers in the Naama Bay area. 

  1. Dolce Vita

The looks and grandeur of this club are enough to impress. It is huge and has a cave-like feel to it. The entire club is the dance floor with a pool in the center, hosting hundreds of people every night.  Famous international DJs and music artists regularly play this iconic discotheque of El-Sheikh. Dolce Vita also has one of the best and biggest bars that any club can have. It also hosts foam parties from time to time. 

  1. Hard Rock Cafe 

An American brand, hard rock café has become a household name across the globe. Along with good food, it serves excellent drinks and hosts some amazing live music nights. It is on the casual and pocket-friendly side. You may also grove to the live rock music as it remains open for all. The crowd is friendly, and it’s an excellent spot to hang out with close friends. 

  1. Little Buddha 

Talk about something exciting and flashy; Little Buddha nightclub comes to mind. It has a gigantic golden Buddha as the central piece from which its name originates. It is one of the few clubs serving sushi and sashimi, isn’t that amazing. The crowd is chic, classy and the music is some of the best in the nightclub scene. For those who are looking for hard-partying and entertainment, this is the place to be. 

  1. Space Sharm

This famous nightclub chain from Ibiza has recently opened a branch in the Naama Bay area. Along with a spacious dance floor, the nightclub has a lounge area on the terrace with a full view of the waters. The music ranges from rock, electronic, hip hop, and music festivals are a regular thing. This club has quickly and single-handedly raised the bar for the nightlife scene in the city. 

  1. Taj Mahal nightclub

This nightclub has the elephant in the room. It is an Indian-themed nightclub that plays anything from electronic tunes to Bollywood’s latest. If you like to party Indian style, this is the nightclub to visit. Drinks are unlimited, and the music doesn’t stop until late at night. You will find a lot of Middle Eastern locals partying here along with tourists. It is like a melting pot of culture in this place. 

Best restaurants 

In Sharm El-Sheikh, you will find plenty of international restaurants as the city hosts travelers worldwide. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and European restaurants are plentiful. In addition, Soho Square itself has eateries that serve a wide range of cuisines. The best food joints in the city have been listed below for your convenience. 

  1. Fusion Mediterranean Seafood

The dishes in this restaurant capture the authentic blend of European and Egyptian flavors. Food has a bold taste and fresh ingredients. Some must try African and sub-Saharan native dishes not found in many places other than Fusion. There are halal, vegan, and gluten-free options for people of different tastes and preferences. Fusion is situated just a few meters away from Sharks Bay Beach and is easy to spot. 

  1. Sushi Lounge

As the name suggests, this joint is a haven for sushi lovers. This place was inspired by California sushi parlors, but the taste of the seafood is infinitely better. In the heart of the Middle East, you won’t find a more authentic sushi joint. There is a live kitchen, rotating tables, and a serene Japanese high dining ambiance. Choose a wide range of dishes from sashimi, sushi, prawns, and calamari-made fresh seafood cuts. 

  1. L´Entrecôte Steakhouse

L´Entrecôte Steakhouse oozes European feel and charm. The food includes steak and pasta made with imported beef cuts. The interior is entirely made of wood and has an old-world touch to it. The full-bodied wine, French cheese, and balcony overlooking the bay will transport you back to Italy or France in the sixties or seventies. Couples can enjoy a very romantic evening at this elegant diner. 

  1. Luxor

Easily this restaurant can be considered as the best Egyptian joint in town. The food truly brings out the ancient heritage and flavor of Egypt. The aroma of the Mediterranean spices grilled on fresh seafood and meat will make anybody impatient. Every single dish here is an authentic delicacy and must try on your visit to Sharm El-Sheikh. The hospitality is impeccable, and as it is a fine diner, there is a proper dress code. 

  1. El Kababgy

El Kababgy, a barbeque, and grill restaurant, is part of Movenpick hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh. The chefs have created a menu reflecting rich a la carte dishes. Most of the menu is grilled preparations of kebab, kofta, liver, pigeon, and lamb. Traditional Egyptian dishes such as the taouk, tarb, hawawshi, and Om are all best sellers. The restaurant is fine dining, has a formal dress code, and remains open from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM. 

  1. Rangoli

This is the best Indian high-end restaurant in Sharm El-Sheikh. The chefs are some of the best from India, serving authentic style away from their home country. The menu specialties include prawn pakora, tandoori salmon, murgh malai, rangoli dal, and lamb vindaloo. Apart from these, there are other excellent dishes from all across Indian.  Rangoli also serves alcoholic drinks, mocktails, and fruit punches. 

  1. Liwa Restaurant – The Buffet Restaurant

Liwa serves the only and biggest buffet you will in Sharm El-Sheikh. The spread is enormous and set out in a live counter. The restaurant serves extraordinary breakfast and beverages. Plus, it opens for unlimited lunch and dinner buffet. The view of the Red sea from here is irresistible.  It is not to miss spots in all of the towns for food lovers and is located in the Movenpick hotel. 

  1. Fares

Sharm El-Sheikh is many local eateries that have been serving delicious local food for decades. Fares is one such restaurant specializing in seafood, prawns being the pain item. It is located in the Old Market area. The prices are pocket-friendly, and the quality of the food is divine. 

Other things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh

This vibrant and fun-loving city of Sharm El-Sheikh has much more to offer apart from bars and nightclubs. The Soho Plaza itself has so many adventurous activities specially designed for tourists. Here are some that may be of interest to you.

  1. Ice skating 

Their very own doors ice skating rink is a hit among kids as well as young adults. You can do it for fun or take short private lessons from standby experts. There are also plenty of cafes in the area to grab a bite or hot chocolate after your fun-filled activity. 

  1. Bowling

Everybody loves bowling, so there is always a rush at the arcade. The bowling alley is sleek, custom-designed with fully computerized scoreboards. It stays open till 1 AM in the night so that it can be your last stop after a night of food and drinks. You can have a fun time here with your friends or travel group. 

  1. Dancing fountain

This feature of the Soho plaza can’t be missed. The gigantic light and dancing fountain in the middle is a mesmerizing sight. You can sit in front of it and enjoy a drink, and hours will pass like minutes. It is also a great way to spend the evening soaking in the culture of this Egyptian city. 

  1. El Kahwa

There are certain Mediterranean cafes in Sharm El-Sheikh one can’t miss. El Kahwa is one such late-night café that serves some soulful food among the fancy joints in Soho. A nice cup of hot coffee, fruit punch, and good conversation makes normal nights memorable here. For more slow-paced evening time you can defiantly visit this café. 

The Soho plaza also has a kid’s arcade full of fun games. The studio is available for Yoga classes, and there is a tennis court as well. You can utilize all these facilities during the daytime if you are bored of relaxing back in a hotel. 


Sharm El-Sheikh has more to offer than one could ever imagine. This hidden jewel on the world’s most popular travel destination list is gaining more and more footfall each year. As the UAE gets, crowded people are on the lookout for better and more private party spots. The top-class international bars, clubs, and hotels opening here are slowly popularizing Sharm El-Sheikh in the world. 

Consider Sharm El-Sheikh on your next visit to Egypt. You can also come here for company retreats and meetings. Take advantage of the many offers in the hotels and make a booking today.

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