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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Spokane

1. The Ridler Piano Bar Spokane

The Ridler Piano Bar Spokane

The Ridler Piano Bar is a Live Music Venue, Lounge, Dance Club and Nightclub located on Riverside Avenue in Spokane. The dress code applicable at this nightclub is Casual Wear. So, patrons are free to wear anything they deem fit for a clubbing night out. We recommend that you wear an outfit and dress to impress if you’re looking for a new partner. The Ridler Piano Bar has an impressive setup of a full-fledged bar at the scene.

2. Lucky You Lounge Spokane

Lucky You Lounge Spokane

Lucky You Lounge is a Bar, Pub, Lounge, Live Music Venue and Nightclub located on W Sunset Boulevard in Spokane. This is the best nightclub Spokane has to offer you when it comes to the nightlife experience. The dress code and theme for the nightclub is set to be Hipster, Trendy and Classy. So, patrons should make sure they wear an outfit that follows the themes above and dress codes. A full-fledged bar is located at the scene, satisfying the patrons’ alcoholic needs.

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Punctuated by an urban river gorge, downtown Spokane is where city life and nature intertwine, making a complete experience. If art and architecture are your passion, you’ll find them. Food fills the soul.

What do you do at clubbing?

People drink alcohol, do drugs, socialize, hit on the opposite sex, dance to all kinds of music, make decisions they regret in the morning, take pictures to show off, spend a great deal of money… There’s a start.

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