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The Ridler Piano Bar Spokane, Guide & Review

The Ridler Piano Bar is a Live Music Venue, Lounge, Dance Club and Nightclub located on Riverside Avenue in Spokane. The dress code applicable at this nightclub is Casual Wear. So, patrons are free to wear anything they deem fit for a clubbing night out. We recommend that you wear an outfit and dress to impress if you’re looking for a new partner. The Ridler Piano Bar has an impressive setup of a full-fledged bar at the scene. So, all of the patron’s alcoholic needs are well taken care of. The music played in this nightclub falls under these musical influences: Country Music, Pop Music, Rock Music. Duelling pianos are the main attraction and the main event at this lively bar. This place also offers tango and country dancing on a dazzling dance floor. On every Friday and Saturday, The Ridler Piano Bar hosts their famous all-request Dueling Piano show! The music is dynamic, and the fun is explosive! The DJ takes song requests and makes sure everyone has a great time at the club. This is a great spot to go dancing and singing to all your favourite songs and genres of music. Every Friday and Saturday, The Ridler Piano Bar also hosts a pre-show followed by the Live Music during 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm. This nightclub opens its doors at 6 pm to all its patrons and guests. The crowd visiting this nightclub must be 21 years of age or older to be allowed entry to the nightlife experience. The Ridler Piano Bar covers all sorts of specialized events as well. It is a gracious host to unique personal events for the patrons. They will sing you Happy Birthday upon request! Limited reservations are available for large groups in the VIP area. So, for any Private Parties and Off Sit Shows, The Ridler Piano Bar is available to provide service. Generally, other than the VIP setting, there are no table reservations made. Tables are open to the rule of First come, first serve. You can see the Pianos from nearly every table, so there is no bad seat at the club without a view. There are booths in the lounge set up for six people, but patrons have shared that more than six people can be accommodated on occasions. Large tables up front have up to 8 seats, with smaller tables only having seating suitable for 2-4 persons.


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