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The Best Places to go Clubbing in St Petersburg

1. Blank St Petersburg

On your night out at St. Petersburg and looking out for an awesome experience, then Blank nightclub is the place to be. Blank nightclub is located in the historical building of the Arsenal factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. The club provides cultural diversity to the electronic underground scene and indeed it’s one of the best clubs in St. Petersburg.

2. Central Station Club St Petersburg

While on your night out at St. Petersburg then Central Station Club is the place to be for your most memorable experience. It’s the biggest gay is a nightclub in Saint Petersburg, Russia and is renowned for hosting drag shows, awesome go-go dancers, concerts, great artists, live music and with amazing DJs gracing the decks. The club has a great variety of music for every taste coupled with awesome actors.

3. Griboyedov Club St Petersburg

Looking for entertainment and fun, choose Griboyedov Club, one of the oldest underground for cultural events and gigs in St. Petersburg.  Griboyedov is probably one of the oldest nightclubs founded in 1996 and is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2001 the club was nominated and awarded a nightlife prize in the category “Best underground club of St. Petersburg”   It’s a hip-hop club with bars, food and a roof terrace. It’s a labyrinth of various rooms among which one can find a concert hall, a famous bar, sofas for sitting and room for those who can sit and manage to keep their balance after a few hours of drinking.

4. Lomonosov St Petersburg

Lomonosov is a well known nightclub in the very heart of St. Petersburg, Russia. When the sun goes down, right in the center of St. Petersburg, the lomonosov bar always has the doors open for you.

5. Money-Honey St Petersburg

If you are looking for a place to see live rockabilly music in St. Petersburg Money- Honey club is the place to be. Money-Honey opened its doors in 1994. On the ground floor is the heart of Money-Honey – a rockabilly saloon, on the second floor there is a large concert hall with an updated interior and equipment, where fashionable DJs play and young energetic bartenders work. Despite its fame, Money-Honey is constantly developing and striving for the best: the interior on the second floor has been updated, and the menu has become more diverse.

6. Maximus St Petersburg

Maximus is a nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia. Maximus has a wide range of cuisine and an extensive wine list.

7. Mosaique St Petersburg

Mosaique is a nightclub located in the city’s nightlife area in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s more than a regular techno club. It’s dystopian architecture spreads over two levels, monumental avant-garde light installations and cutting edge lineups create a unique atmosphere making Mosaique nightclub a very special place to visit.

8. Nebar St Petersburg

Nebar is a nightclub located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Nebar first opened in 2008 in the heart of St. Petersburg, and instantly became known as the best club in the city.

9. Nightclub Mod St Petersburg

Nightclub Mod is situated in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia and has a mixture of different musical cultures. The club has an intimate DJ bar for the stool-warming set adjacent to a large bi-level stage area where you can see some up-coming rock groups.

10. Osobnyak St Petersburg

Osobnyak is a nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s elite strip club that falls into erotic dance, confort and luxury.

11. Retro Disco Club Factory St Petersburg

Retro Disco Club is a nightclub situated at St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the best place for nightlife in the city.

11. Retro Disco Club Factory St Petersburg

Retro Disco Club is a nightclub situated at St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the best place for nightlife in the city.

12. Rossi’s Club St Petersburg

If you are looking for a club to hang out with your friends then Rossi Club is the place to be. Rossi club is one of the oldest and most famous clubs in St. Petersburg with over 15 years of existence. It is one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in the city. Very friendly and modern club with strip dance every half hour. Rossi Club doors are open for you every day. Rossi club is a basement bar that is perfect for a crazy party. The club a wide selection of drinks Live music and very friendly atmosphere. Undoubtedly you will enjoy the music, delivery cocktails and its cozy ambience. The club has a spacious bar with an excellent audience, high quality sound and entertainment shows. Sometimes the platform serves as a venue for famous musicians.

13. Santa Barbara Club St Petersburg

Santa Barbara Club is a nightclub situated in St. Petersburg, Russia. Located in the heart of the city, Santa Barbara Club will appeal  to lovers of quality relaxation, good food and original themed parties. The conception of Santa Barbara Club is giving comfort, innovations, and what is most important, creating the atmosphere of a permanent holiday. Santa Barbara has a number of values that are inherent in the spirit’s of today’s time. Santa Barbara Club won 2018 as the best nightclub of the year.

14. Stackenschneider St Petersburg

Stackenscneider is a nightclub located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s located in the center of St. Petersburg is close to all the main tourist attractions. Stackenschneider club promotes Various underground electronic music and hosts weekend parties with emerging Russian and foreign independent music talent from around the world.

15. Striptease Club Golden Dolls St Petersburg

Striptease Club Golden Dolls is a nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s one of the biggest, comfortable and safe city clubs. The club is divided into several zones, which the visitor can choose at pleasure. The popularity of the club is confirmed by a big number of famous people who have visited this place including international artists.

16. VNVNC St Petersburg

Looking for the most authentic and at the same time modern nightclub in St. Petersburg then VNVNC is the place to be.  VNVNC is a nightclub situated in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s a dance club with a church-like decor hosting rappers and DJs spinning hip-hop.

17. Zavist St Petersburg

If you are having a lonely day and you want to escape your routine, let someone else dance your worries away. Zavist is an adult entertainment club. In Zavist, that someone else will be one of St. Petersburg’s sexist and most sensual ladies, who will take you away to the world of champagne and pleasure and ignite your senses.

18. Fidel St Petersburg

Fidel is the place to be on your night out at St. Petersburg, Russia. Fidel is a bar with a reputation as a cereal in a good sense of the world is famous for cranberry liqueur and a special atmosphere. People of different ages come here to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day or a whole week. The interior is designed in the style of the Cuban revolution with portraits of Fidel Castro and slogans on the walls.

19. Coyote Ugly St Petersburg

Are you in search of a fantastic venue to be on your night out, then Coyote Ugly Club is the place to be for fun, dance and drinking. Best dance bar in St. Petersburg, Russia. Coyote Ugly is a vibrant nightlife bar that hosts incendiary parties and shows every evening. The establishment is stylized as a saloon, sustained in the best traditions and atmosphere of the American Wild West. Apart from traditional uses, it can be used as a stage for singers and dancers to perform.

20. Акакао St Petersburg

Akakao nightclub is a great place for those looking for fun, great music and fantastic place at St. Petersburg, Russia. Akakao is a live music club located in the heart of the great city. It houses two halls with a capacity of 250 clubbers and 800 clubbers. The nightclub is more than 10 years old and the restaurant here has a kitchen involving dishes of European and Mediterranean cuisine and a hookah room. Akakao live music club is a first class service for organizing parties and events in the center of St. Petersburg.

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