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St Petersburg

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Striptease club Golden Dolls St Petersburg, Guide & Review

Striptease Club Golden Dolls is a nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s one of the biggest, comfortable and safe city clubs. The club is divided into several zones, which the visitor can choose at pleasure. The popularity of the club is confirmed by a big number of famous people who have visited this place including international artists. 

Enjoy the mesmerizing sound of the violin and saxophone, exquisite vocal performances and of course the best strip dances in the city. Their shows will leave even the most discerning customer impressed. The visitors are free to choose between the 100-seat common floor and the uniquely furnished private rooms. 

Golden Dolls is the number one club in St. Petersburg for confident men and empowered women to enjoy the art of exotic dance and beauty of the female body. Their fine beverages, relaxing music accompanied by the city’s best vocalists and their mesmerizing strip dancers will help you forget the troubles of everyday life.

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