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Lomonosov St Petersburg, Guide & Review

Lomonosov is a well known nightclub in the very heart of St. Petersburg, Russia. When the sun goes down, right in the center of St. Petersburg, the lomonosov bar always has the doors open for you. 

Spread over three floors, the club offers a tremendous opportunity for an enjoyable night out and caters to various music tastes, smiles and a variety of drinks. The first floor hosts a Karaoke bar, where guests can freely show off their singing talents. The second floor is reserved for those in favour of crazy beats and wild dancing. On the third floor is a refuge for the house and electro music fans. Each floor is served by professional bartenders who approach their work as an art. The venue is open Sunday through Thursday from 10:00pm to 6:00am through Saturday from 9:00pm to 9:00am 

Entrance to the club is free, free internet, reasonable prices, polite and well-mannered staff, professional DJs, large selection of beers, cocktails and spirits, cashless and cash payments, a variety of flavours of hookahs and above all awesome music. The menu offers dishes of European cuisine from hot meals, soups, dessert, meat and fish dishes, salads and hot and cold snacks.

The Lomonosov bar for easy, open-minded and free people. It’s indeed the best place to meet your friends and get new acquaintances. You will definitely find themed parties, gifts from the bartenders, indecently hosted girls and crazy vibes in the rhythm of popular songs of all time. It’s a place for party-harders and while here you can smoke hookahs, sing karaoke and dance on the bar tops. Most visitors believe this is the place to perfectly relax not only with your loved ones, but also with friends. For lovers of fantastic fun and dance music, it’s better  to find the venue because you will ultimately enjoy the night out until morning hours.

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