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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Tampa

1. Club Prana

Club Prana

Club Prana is the top night club in Tampa because of the drinks, music and dancing. This club in Ybor city has dive different levels so everyone can find something according to their taste. They have an amazing view from the top balcony, so this is a great place to take your date. You can see a 360-degree view of the Tampa Bay and enjoy it with drinks and the hottest beats in the industry.  

2. Hyde Park Cafe

Hyde Park Cafe

What is better than dancing under the stars, you ask? Nothing! The Hyde Park Café is an open courtyard, bar with an indoor dance room. They are known for serving the best cocktails and having the best playlists in Tampa. It is a high-end establishment so make you are dressed to the nines. You will be in good company no matter what time or day you drop by.

3. Ritz


For a glitzy and glamorous night out, The Ritz is your best bet. This club has borrowed concepts from dance halls, chill lounges and other modern discos. You can expect to find a renowned DJ playing his beats or live music serving as the background music for your evening. They have a large performance stage and a huge dance floor that can accommodate a large group of people. You can even lounge around the retro couches and chintzy sofas or sit at the bar if you are thirsty.

4. WTR Pool & Grill

WTR Pool & Grill

WTR Pool & Grill is the best seaside nightclub for a weekend night in Tampa. With a beautiful view of the bay, this establishments offers exquisite seating arrangements, fully stocked bars and a variety of seafood. If you are looking for a place where you can lounge by the pool and day drink then this is it. It is also the venue for the hottest parties and the blue light reflecting from the pool makes it even more exciting.

5. The Kennedy

The Kennedy

One of the most exclusive nightclubs in Tampa is The Kennedy. This is a place where you can listen to live music, enjoy delicious drinks and dance to your heart’s content. They offer something fresh every night so you will not get bored even if you visit thrice in a week. There is free entry and drinks on Mondays for employees of the hospitality industry, so if you work at a hotel or resort do not miss out on this offer. Even if you are not from the hospitality industry, no need to worry. There are drink specials and offers for everyone at The Kennedy.

6. Tangra


Tangra is an upscale nightclub housed inside a multi-storey complex building with a state-of-the-art lighting system. This is one of the few places with a rooftop bar and an executive lounge. Tangra is one the most exclusive places to party and you need to check it out when you are in Ybor City. You can enjoy dazzling views of the city, sip on drinks and rub shoulders with some of the most elite party people in the area.

7. The Crowbar

The Crowbar

In the mood for a diverse playlist? Then head on over to The Crowbar, where you will hear rock, jazz, ska, dubstep, hip-hop, indie, metal and a lot more. This is a favorite amongst locals because of the intimate setting. There are Christmas lights hanging from the patio and you can sit outside or utilize your energy on the dancefloor. They even have a stage so make sure you check their schedule for any upcoming concerts or live music performances.

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Does Tampa have good nightlife?

Explore Ybor’s vibrant nightlife: from laid-back lounges to high-energy dance clubs. Ybor City is Tampa’s enchanting historic district. By day a sightseer’s delight, by night a hub of adult-oriented entertainment as party-goers parade from venue to venue sampling the wide variety of nighttime attractions.

Is Tampa good for singles?

In addition to being near the heart of the city’s job market, singles living in Downtown Tampa also appreciate being close to a variety of local bars, shops, dining options, and entertainment venues.

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