Tampa Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Tampa Bay’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Tampa. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid-back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Home to the world’s largest business center, Tampa is a city on Tampa Bay by the Florida Gulf Coast. Tampa is one of the most notorious cities, famous for its cultural products and fascinating museums. Not only that, but Tampa also has the extraordinary – Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is an African-themed amusement park where you can observe animals and enjoy thrilling rides. Tampa also offers a historic neighborhood in the northeastern part of downtown Tampa- Ybor. Ybor is an electrifying destination for those who want to have a taste of some of the best nightlives.   

When it comes to nightlife, many countries offer different varieties and original specialties. Tampa is one of them. In addition, when you are on the beach, the sunset is just an excuse to experience the elegance of city lights and drinks. The city breeze at night smells like whiskey, with a touch of spices that make some heavenly chicken wings. 

If you are looking for a destination where you can release different night moments and contemplate never leaving the city, your search completes here. Here are some of the best things you will like to do in Tampa after the sun goes down.

Top 10 bars in Tampa Bay

Tampa is a great place to enjoy the optimistic tourist attractions and have fun around with a couple of drinks. no matter if you are with your friends, your family, or your special ones, the following bars give some of the best experiences and electrifying bar menus to enjoy the night away: 

  • Gasper’s Grotto

Gasper’s Grotto is one of the popular bars and restaurants that you can find in the historic neighborhood popularly known as Ybor City. May it be an all-year-long party for an annual celebration but never stays back. If you are into anything pirate, then this bar is the right choice. This bar offers all its local customers and tourists to dress as their favorite pirate and party like one. Gasper’s Grotto also offers three large bar areas where you can also find sitting arrangements. In fact, on Sundays, you can experience a particular pirate full buffet with unlimited bloody Mary bar and mimosas. To get yourself the best of graspers, Grotto, you must share the annual Gasparilla celebration. Gaspar’s grotto searches for some of the best bar menu and lunch and snack menus, including some of the tastiest Cuban Sandwiches and devil crab with some of the hottest wings. If you are looking for something extraordinary, Gaspar’s Grotto is your destination. 

  • The Hub

The hub is a classic center which is known for being the oldest drinking place since the year of 1949. Even though with passing years and changes around the environment, the hub has never failed its customers with extra modernized menus. All the love and delivery of the unique bar and menu are the old classics from the beginning. You can visit this antique bar with your friends and families. However, since this is a strict 21 plus year zone, you might not want to take your little kids with you. When it comes to drinks, The Hub offers some of their specially mixed drinks to the tourists. In entertainment, The Hub provides live crowd bands that frequently appear as local or independent artists. It also offers a jukebox lineup that plays the songs of old classics with the ambiance of such. And the best part about the hub is that you can listen to old stories about the bar and the city itself. If you are a fan of retro and old classics, what’s the step of fine whisky, The Hub is your destination.

  • Rock brothers brewery and The Attic. 

Are you looking for a full-service bar that offers you a tasting room with the best house-made beers along with a great menu of craft cocktails? Here in the Rock Brothers Brewery and the Attic, you can get them all. When you enter this bar upstairs, you can find the attic. You can enjoy live music sessions with comfortable sitting space for every individual with a group or their partners. When you go downstairs, you can find the craft brewery with a full-service bar along with a beer tasting room. One of the most significant reasons this bar is a popular hub for drinks in the city is its creative beer recipes and music. Rock Brothers have also won a national championship at the United States beer tasting championship. Really, how cool is it? If you are looking for a bar that majorly focuses on crafting beer beverages, Rock brothers are where exactly you should be. 

  • CW’s Gin Point

CW’s Gin Point is a classy and famous cocktail bar that you can find in downtown Tampa. This bar fabulously offers jazz aesthetics with some of the gorgeous settings and chandeliers. If you are looking for heaven on earth that searches for some of the posh and smoothly blended cocktails, CW’s Gin Point is where you must be. Whether it is a Bachelorette or a ladies’ night out, the lights of this famous cocktail bar will only add extra essence of the city to your party. Along with the magic of the best-selling drinking options, you can also taste some of the best traditional cuisines made with a mixture of heavenly spices.

  • Tiny Tap Tavern 

Tiny tap Tavern was a simple gas station in the year 1951. However, thanks to its friendly client and low prices over the years, Tiny Tap Tavern has gained popularity amongst locals and tourists. In this bar, you can enjoy a social presence of a bartender who makes some of the smoothest beers. You can also enjoy some of the jukebox classic songs with pool competitions. So, if you want to stop by and grab a jug of beer, Tiny Tap Tavern is an excellent recommendation from the locals.

  • The Sail Plaza

The Sail plaza is an outdoor bar and restaurant. Not just some of the freshest alcoholic beverages, but this bar also provides some of the best outdoor sitting features with a waterfront view. When you sit outside this bar, you can glaze at the night beach and feel the freshness in the air. Along with some of the finest grafted beer, this bar also offers some of the best seafood cuisines. On a side note, since The Sail Plaza is located in the heart of the city downtown, you can easily visit some of the other places like Tampa bay history center, Amalie Arena, and the Tampa Bay convention center. So, if you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends or have a riverwalk with your lover and a chilled beer, The Sail Plaza is the best option. 

  • Ciro’s Speakeasy and Supper Club

Another posh bar on a list, Ciro’s Speakeasy. Ciro’s is a strict 1920 era themed bar where you can taste some of the best blending craft cocktails. When you first enter this bar, you will notice a staff with a 1920 night-out look. A 1920 night-out look is basically to make sure that the visitors of this bar can enjoy the original essence Ciro has to offer. Even though this bar provides many specialty cocktails, it also provides a limited menu to fill the hunger. The menu does not give quite a lot, but it offers some delicious snacks to enjoy in the city at night. To add some changes to your menu, you can also try their best-selling black truffle popcorn. 

  • Red star rock bar

Red star rock bar is a small bar that offers an outdoor patio and stage area. If you are into Rock and roll, this bye is the place where you should be. Distinctly decorated with Rock and roll aesthetics and painted in red and black with bird print and Rock images, this bar is one of the weakest bars you can visit with your friends after the sunset. The best thing about this bar is that they always celebrate with day-to-day events or local live bands for the tourists and the locals. You can enjoy the live music every Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. when it comes to the bar menu; red star rock bar has to offer some of the best-tasting alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Since red star rock bars do not provide a kitchen, it does not mean that you will have to miss out on tasting the best snacks while sipping your whisky. This bar offers a rotating schedule of some of the best food trucks in the city. If you are looking for a different place, then Red Star Rock Bar is where you should go.

  • Cigar City Brewing Co

Cigar City brewing co is one of the best craft breweries that creates nationally awarded craft brews on a large scale. In Cigar City brewing, you can find a large tasting room where you can quickly gather with your friends or families and taste some of the finest crafted breweries. You can choose from a variety of highly-rated brew collections along with seasonal displays and stouts. Although cigar City does not serve their tourists, they provide rotating food trucks from Fridays to Sundays. If your passion revolves around crafting Bruce on a large scale and being able to taste them all, then the Cigar City is the right place for you.

  • Buy a Ramen 

Do you want to get a quick glimpse of Japan and its aesthetics? Buya Ramen is a well-known traditional Izakaya serving some of the finest Japanese whisky, ramen, cocktails, and snacks. Along with exciting conventional Japanese drinks, you can also enjoy a half-size special lunch served by the bar. Buya Ramen keeps changing their dreams seasonally and updates with few new food items on the food menu. When you are at Buya Ramen, you can enjoy their traditional zombie cocktail, which technically comes in an old-school zombie ceramic glass. And if you like food with drinks, you can take a chance to taste two of their best appetizers. Baby bok choy made with white and black sesame seeds and soya sauce along with blistered Shishito peppers made with brown sugar smoked sea salt, sesame, and shishito blistered in the fire are two of the spicy yet crunchy and fresh appetizers of Buya Ramen. Some of the best drinks of this bar are strawberry letter 23, rising spritz, and Tokyo highball. If you are looking for a bar that offers you the aesthetics of Japan, then buya Ramen Bar is your ideal destination. 

Top 10 Nightclubs in Tampa bay

Why sit by the beach or in the hotel when you can dance your night out? That too in a different city with your friends. Tampa Bay has some of the best nightclubs that are going to blow your mines and your feet down. Get ready to experience some of the best nightclubs in Tampa bay. The following are the top 10 best nightclubs in Tampa that you must have a look at:

  • Club Prana

Club Prana is one of the best nightclubs that you may find in the city. You only need to be 18 plus to party but 21 plus to drink some of the best cocktails of the club. Don’t just be far from the central city; you can find club Prana straight when heading towards the Ybor city club. Club prana offers five levels of live music along with tons of drinks and all-night partying. One of the main reasons most tourists prefer going to club prana is because this nightclub offers the best 360-degree view of Tampa Bay. To enjoy the view of Tampa Bay all, you need to do is head towards the rooftop with a drink. The ambiance of this nightclub unleashes your inner party animal and offers some of the best seats to relax and take a sip of your favorite beverage. So if you are searching for a place where you can party all night without thinking twice, Club Prana is where you should be. 

  • The Honey Pot

The honeypot is one of the hottest nightclubs where you can walk in and feel the magic it creates with good music and lights. The honeypot is one of the best party places because you can enjoy dancing on the top floor or the ground floor. You can enjoy some of the best drinks in the club and dance away the night without any worry. The honeypot does not miss a chance of celebration, so if you visit the City during New year for Christmas days, you better attend the wonderful celebrations by only The Honey Pot. 

  • Whiskey north

Whiskey North is a world-class nightclub with a two-level dance floor. Whiskey North nightclub offers some of the most incredible sights and fantastic music beats to dance on. This notorious nightclub only opens on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. However, for entry, you need to be 21 Plus. Whiskey north is the perfect party destination for those who considered themselves party animals. You can enjoy some of the best-tasting cocktails and enjoy the chilling ambiance with friends. When you’re in Tampa Bay, and the sun is about to set down, whiskey north is where you should head for a fantastic night with your friends or lover. On a side note, you may also get the chance to make new friends from this hot party destination in Tampa. 

  • Dallas Bull

Dallas Bull is a country nightclub from the 1970s. Dallas bull offers 99 restroom stalls, two massive dance floors, six pool tables, and three dartboards. One of the reasons why Dallas bull falls under the top hottest nightclubs in Tampa bay is because of 10 full liquor bars along with a live music stage where you can enjoy professional musicians tuning into some of the greatest hits of all time. You may even find some of the local artists playing great yet powerful dance songs that will make you never want to stop dancing. However, since Dallas bull is a country e bar and nightclub, they encourage their customers to come in cowboy or cowgirl costumes. Even though this is just for fun and gives you the most of the country aesthetic, you can choose to wear your comfortable clothes without any problem. So, if you are a fan of country music and want to unleash your inner cowboy with some booze on the table, then Dallas bull is your destination. 

  • Crowbar

If your mood is for some jazz indie, metal, or Dubstep with a big jar of beer, you should check out the crowbar nightclub. You can find this nightclub on the 17th Street of Northern Ybor city. The crowbar nightclub offers a chance to enjoy some of the best live music events as well as close-up views in rock or metal concerts. This nightclub is mainly preferred by tourists who are primarily into singing and live musical events. However, you can also enjoy the popular weekly and monthly events like the bear garden session along with karaoke nights and open mic stage performances. You can visit the Crow Bar whenever you want to, at any time of the day or night. No matter when you will always get to enjoy the coziness of this fantastic club amidst the freshness of the mother ocean.

  • The Kennedy Soho

You can find The Kennedy Soho in one of the beautiful neighborhoods of Soho. The Kennedy Soho is one of the famous nightclubs that features a beautiful black and red velvet lounge interior. This nightclub is a popular hub for several prominent personalities from around the world. When it comes to the events, the Kennedy Soho is undoubtedly the best club. They organized live acts or music sessions from both local and famous artists. You can also enjoy some of the best remixes and EDM from hosting DJs of the club. One of the best times to visit this nightclub, in general, is on Saturdays. On every Saturday, they organized a Spanglish event. The Spanglish event is almost enough to drive everyone crazy and unleash everyone’s inner party freak. The nightclub stays closed from Sundays to Wednesdays. Still, on Thursdays, you can be set from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., and from Friday to Saturday you can visit from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. even though you can wear anything you want on Thursdays, but on Fridays and Saturdays you may need to take a look on the event dress code. Plus, if you’re going to celebrate an event of your own, you can select the VIP bottle services of this nightclub. If you are looking for a popular lounge with a good crowd and music, then the Kennedy Soho is the best place for you. 

  • The Hyde Park Cafe

The Hyde Park Cafe shares the same owner as that of the Kennedy Soho. Even though the owner of both the nightclubs is one single person, the Hyde Park Cafe is undoubtedly a better option for those who wish to experience a lounge as well as a good hangout session with their friends or lovers. The Hyde Park Cafe offers three various rooms that play different music based on the musical tastes of the tourists. These rooms allow people of all kinds and diverse musical tastes to come under one roof and enjoy the best from the best. Plus, if you are a fan of beer, take a breath because this might blow your mind. The Hyde Park Cafe gives you the chance to experience a beer garden. In this beer garden, you can enjoy over 16 varieties of a craft brewery. Not just that, you can even share a private nightclub that plays some of the best songs of the decade and offers a VIP lounge. You can visit this nightclub on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Saturdays with an open bar and Happy hours. The Hyde Park Cafe is an All-in-One nightclub where you can dance the night away and enjoy some of the best bars with various musical accommodations. 

  • Club viva

If you are looking for an affordable place to party all night, Club Viva is the answer. You can enjoy free entries for ladies and margaritas till 11 p.m. club viva offers affordable but fantastic drinks with a relaxed ambiance and great music. So whether you are alone with your friends or your family, you do not need to worry about wasting your night. You can visit Club Viva at 4235 North Armenia Avenue, Tampa. You can not only dance till late at night on the weekends but you can also so this place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7 to 3 a.m. Club viva offers the opportunity to grab good quality drinks at affordable prices. So waste no time and book your cab to the club and get the chance to enjoy a high-energy party life in Tampa. 

  • The Castle

The castle is one of the oldest nightclubs, which gives the experience of the best nightlife to its tourists. This nightclub was initially known as a salon; however, it later became a nightclub that stole attention. The castle offers some of the best drinks in the world. They offer beers that represent other different countries, along with some old tequilas. When it comes to the nightclub, dance, and music, The Castle beats many other nightclubs in the competition. Apart from the most incredible drinks, they also have to offer international DJs who make sure that the party doesn’t stop. You can find the castle at 204 North 16th Street of Tampa. From the inside, even from the outside, this nightclub has incredible and different architecture. The architecture is the reason why this nightclub is known as The Castle. This nightclub opens from 10:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. every Friday and Saturday. The castle is a must-visit nightclub in Tampa, so make sure you do give it a chance to surprise you from the core. 

  • Club Skye

If you are into Hip hop music, then Club Skye is where you should be. Club Skye is famous for adding flavors of hip hop in the nightclub. This nightclub offers a two-level dance stage with a deluxe private room where you can have the taste of champagne. It also provides a VIP balcony where you can enjoy your drink and food with your friends or spouse. When you visit this nightclub, you will find various artists performing from time to time. You can also take a look at the outside tiki bar. Club sky offers exclusive and affordable drinks to its 18 plus customers. Whether it is freestyle or contemporary hip hop, club sky will never fail to entertain you amongst other young hip-hop lovers. 

Enjoy the magical world of Tampa Bay.

When it comes to a handful of tricks to excite the audience, the magicians of Tampa are considerably some of the best artists of all time. If you are into magic, the following are some of the best magic destinations you can visit Jason A. Newcomb, Entertaining Psychic. Jason A. Newcomb is known for fascinating customers with joy as well as mind-blowing questions. It offers an atmosphere that tells you more about the power of the mind. However, you can enjoy having conversations; however, don’t get shocked when they read your minds and shock you. However, before you visit this psychic land, make sure that you pre-book tickets for yourself and your family. 

Night markets in Tampa Bay

So let’s be honest, shopping is necessary no matter where we go. And when it comes to the markets of Tampa, you will be more than just excited. The following are some of the best night markets you can visit in Tampa bay. 

  • Heights night market

The Heights night market is one of the most populated markets in Tampa. Apart from some of the best creative vendors that sell artistic antiques, you will also get the chance to experience the market’s uniqueness along the Hillsborough River. Even though the Heights night market is only available every second Wednesday of the month from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., you can still enjoy the magical ambiance given by the lights and nature. So if you are looking for a place where you can take your date out for dinner, this is your destination.

  • Coppertail night market 

The copper tail light market is a great shopping destination once the sun sets down. You can enjoy the local flea market and the eye-blazing outdoor decoration of this night market. In addition, you can shop copper tail beer from different local sellers every second Friday of every month from 6 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. plus, if you have a fur baby tagging along with you, you can take them to Coppertail night market.

The best comedy club and dinner theatre in Tampa bay

Standup comedy sessions by the famous comedians David Spade, Bette Midler, and Jerry Seinfeld are priceless. Improv comedy club is a popular location that hosts notorious standup comedy and has launched several famous comedians to the world. This comedy club lets you enjoy great standup comedians and serves delicious drinks and cuisines on the table. 

The best golf course in Tampa Bay

Topgolf Tampa offers a three-level golf range for its tourists. No matter how old you are or what experience you have when playing golf, Topgolf Tampa has your back. You can play golf while enjoying the best food and refreshment services from the club. In addition, Topgolf is a good place by which you can take your children and teach them more about golf the art of playing golf. 


There is no doubt that Tampa Bay provides some of the best clubs, bars, and markets when it comes to nightlife. So whether you are alone or with your family and friends, after the sun sets down, you can check these places out. So waste no time and book your tickets to enjoy the best of Tampa Bay nightlife.