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The Best Places to go Clubbing in The Hague

1. Millers Hague

Millers Hague

Every weekend the Millers restaurant and bar transforms into a night club. The furniture is moved into storage to make room for a dance floor. The DJs liven up the atmosphere with dance music and classics from the 80s and 90s. Other than the music, the mood is set by the lighting system. There are VIP tables with bottle service as well. Thursday nights are for students and upon showing their ID they get special discounts. Keep an eye on their schedule because they also have many parties and concerts planned. The cocktails and music will take you back to simpler times. Additionally call in advance to book your own booth and order bottle service as well.

2. Pip Den Haag Hague

Pip Den Haag Hague

Pip Den Haag is a sophisticated bar and night club in the heart of the city. During the day time it is a bar where you can come to have lunch and drink in the garden. By night it is a club that plays the most current and popular electronic music. They also promote budding music artists to perform live in order to support the local industry. Pip hosts many events every month and they have a large outdoor area for concerts and performances. You can even have your own private party hosted by the club by making a reservation any day of the week. Pip is the hub of local underground culture and a valued addition to Hague’s night life.

3. La Rumbantela Hague

La Rumbantela Hague

For a little taste of Spanish, Colombian and Mexican music head on over to La Rumbantela Latin Club. This the only place in town where you can do the salsa and rumba. The colourful music goes with the ambience. This is a disco for those who do not like crowded laces and want to dance without bumping into people. The bartenders are friendly and serve you drinks with a smile. There are Latin-themed snacks also available. You can order bottle service for your group and get one of the servers to be your party host for the evening. The club arranges its own parties for special occasions such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

4. Planet Warehouse Hague

Planet Warehouse Hague

Planet Warehouse is another glittering addition to Hague’s nightlife. The club has been the one to launch many of the famous artists of the local industry. They are an exclusive underground establishment where people come to wind down after a long and tiring week. The club is actually inside a warehouse and a DJ is playing Techno House music to make you feel like you one of the special people invited to the greatest arty of the year. You can have drinks and then dance your shoes off on the dancefloor. Make sure you are early in line to get into one of the best nightlife experiences all over Hague.

5. Club Magistrat Hague

Club Magistrat Hague

Club Magistrat is where you can let loose and forget all your worries. The club is known as the place where you can listen to Techno and House music. At Magistrat, you can order drinks from the friendly bartenders and make new friends. It is a smoke-friendly zone so there is no need to leave your cigarettes and vapes at home. The night club hosts the best events and wildest parties of the season. It is in the middle of the town center and easily accessible by foot, bike or car. Additionally, DJs or labels play their music for the entertainment of their patrons.

6. Club Lustig Hague

Club Lustig Hague

Club Lustig is a popular spot for the youth of the city of Hague. The club has an energetic vibe and is welcoming to everyone. You can dance the night away every night of weekend from Friday to Sunday. The club operates as a Surinamese restaurant in the daytime but at night it transforms into a disco. They always have a special offer on drinks and Friday nights are usually ladies’ nights. This means the women can enter for free until 1 am. There are VIP tables you can reserve for you and your friends. The DJs play Techno House and Dance music from dusk till dawn to get the party going.

7. Club Westwood Hague

Club Westwood Hague

Club Westwood is the oldest club in Holland but it still attracts the youth. Every weekend the doors open, beats drop and everyone gets in the groove. The DJ plays EDM and House music to create an energetic atmosphere. There is a complete bar and bottle service for the VIP tables. You can also make a reservation for a private party and the club will assist you in every way possible. Before you plan to visit check their agenda to see if there is a special event coming up. The club usually has a long line of people waiting to get in so do not be late.

8. Danzig Hague

Danzig Hague

Danzig is the club where you can get wild and party it up. They are known for their great service and all the bartenders serve you with a smile. The club encourages you to display your craziest dance moves on the floor. They lay the latest dance music and are also open to requests from years past. Danzig is the perfect venue to hold your birthday party or bachelor night. On Thursdays they have a special for students while on Friday evenings there is always an exclusive event scheduled. They have great drink specials and offers for the early guests. Danzig also has an operational kitchen so make sure you are not drinking on an empty stomach.

9. Havana Hague

 Havana Hague

Havana is a full-time restaurant and a art-time club. Every Thursday night the tables are moved aside to make room for a dance floor. Since it is a Cuban styled bar, the weekend is referred to as the FIESTA. The DJ drops beats from EDM to Techno music for up to 600 partiers when the house is full. You can grab a bite to eat and then continue to the dance floor. They usually have student parties arranged on Thursday. From the servers to the security everything is up to the mark. The club is welcoming to guests of all backgrounds and classes. Check the program on their website for future events.

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Does The Hague have good nightlife?

The city boasts an active nightlife scene with many bars, cafes and nightclubs. Grote Markt is the place to be when the sun goes down. The square comes alive in the evening when its bars and restaurants fill the square with tables and chairs.

What is Hague famous for?

What is The Hague known for? The Hague is the seat of government of the Netherlands. It is famous for being the permanent home of the United Nations’ International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. It is also a leading center for international conferences

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