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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Tucson

1. Club Congress Tucson

Club Congress Tucson

If you want a carefree night out that screams class and nostalgia, you will definitely find it at Club Congress. It’s a wonderful place in the historic hotel offering vintage rooms with free wi-fi, plus a dance club, a restaurant, and several bars. It’s located in Tucson, United States. Club Congress has some of the best bands  in Tucson with nationwide acts. The club is famous for its location and history.

2. Club 4th Avenue Tucson

Club 4th Avenue Tucson

Club 4th Ave is a great place for a show in a nice location. It’s a new spot in town hands down! It happens to be a renowned nightclub serving Tucson music performers and promoters. Here it’s all about bar, concerts and very nice Karaoke nights.

3. Chicago Bar Tucson

Chicago Bar Tucson

Are you in search of the most epic spot in Tucson on your night out? Chicago Bar, the most diverse bar and one of Tucson’s great  iconic bars. in Tucson, is the place to be. Chicago Bar is a live music bar. It’s an upbeat watering spot showcasing Chicago and wildcat Sports plus live blues, reggae, pop and rock tunes, including the popular Tucson band. It’s a great dive bar that features very good local talent with music genres mixed. Planning for special events like birthdays! Chicago Bar will comfortably host your group to your satisfaction. Their goal is to continue to entertain people with live music and doing so with Tucson’s great, most legendary musicians.

4. Tucson Line Dance Tucson

Tucson Line Dance Tucson

The Maverick is a lively nightclub offering live Country music, dance lessons, American shows and happy hours. It’s one of the oldest country western bars in Tucson. It happens to be a modern honky tonk with a spacious dance floor where you can take a lesson in two-stepping, enjoy toe-tapping live music from county artists, and grab some bar eats in between.

5. Curves Cabaret Tucson

Curves Cabaret Tucson

Curves Cabaret is a strip club that hosts a variety of events and parties. Curves Cabaret is an adult entertainment club in Tucson, Arizona. This is not your typical strip bar and it’s the best show club in town. The club offers lap dancers and VIP dances. The club’s beautiful and friendly ladies in sexy lingerie will serve you drinks and food while you enjoy choreographed exotic strip shows performed on multiple stages! Nice clean establishment, delicious food, lots of friendly beautiful girls, great security, fun vibes, very nice people, no cover, awesome and fast service, beautiful exotic dancers and dancers contests, free dance giveaways, the dancers and waitresses are well mannered and polite, clean restrooms, great price for a private dance, limousine services and best VIP rooms with great prices.

6. Bojangles Night Club Tucson

Bojangles Night Club Tucson

Are you searching for a fantastic venue to be on your night out? Bojangles Nightclub is the place to go. Bojangles Nightclub is a Southern-inspired fast-food chain known for Cajun fried chicken and signature sides. It’s located in Tucson, United States.

7. Whiskey Roads Tucson

Whiskey Roads Tucson

Eat, drink & dance. This place is absolutely one of the most gorgeous nightclubs in Tucson. Whiskey Roads is a Bar & Grill located in Tucson, United States. Whiskey Roads business it’s all about great food and music.

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Does Tucson have a good nightlife?

Tucson’s variety of great nightspots ranges from quiet wine bars to college hangouts and high-energy dance clubs, with lots in between. You’ll find breweries, sports bars, country/western saloons, LGBTQ bars and clubs, comedy shows, concert venues, theatres, and even casinos.

How many times a year does it rain in Tucson?

The rainy period of the year lasts for 9.4 months, from June 19 to April 2, with a sliding 31-day rainfall of at least 0.5 inches. The month with the most rain in Tucson is August, with an average rainfall of 2.0 inches. The rainless period of the year lasts for 2.6 months, from April 2 to June 19.

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