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Bijou Club Manchester, Guide & Review

Opened in 2009, the Bijou club is perfect for hosting private parties, attending exclusive VIP events or just have a nice night out. It is one of the most popular places for celebrities to hang out in the city, evident from the fact that it has hosted everyone from Drake and Rita Ora to Little Mix and The Wanted.

The club is a preferred venue for many of the parties and after parties in the city, and the décor of the club is glamorous enough for all sorts of stylish parties. Everything from the music to the drinks is brought together to give the visitors a taste of the best night club experience in the city.

Manchester’s hidden gem, the Bijou club is famous for being a spot where celebrities regularly hang out. The club, which opened only recently in 2009, has hosted celebrities that include Drake, Ne-Yo, Little Mix, Rita Ora, The Wanted, Tulisa and many more. In recent years, it has also been a host to some of the biggest parties and after parties in the city, such as The Soap Awards.

The club is quite glamorous and stylish, so it makes sense that it attracts visitors who are both those things as well. It is the only club in the city to have a terrace by the riverside, with a fifteen feet water feature that brings the whole place together. There’s a waterfall, a landscaped garden, a fire pit and a heated seating area as well.
The people behind the club make sure to provide everyone with the best nightlife experience they can have in Manchester. The main bar of the club has a ceiling with LED lights that work in conjunction with the music that’s playing. There is a separate cocktail bar in the VIP area where you can find some of the most unique and delicious drinks anywhere in Manchester. So, whether you want a night out with friends or attend an exclusive event, Bijou is the place to go.

Bijou Manchester Dress Code Guide

Bijou nightclub is one of the favorite nightclubs of celebrities. You can often bump into a famous movie star anytime.

A nightclub of such repute has to maintain a standard when it comes to services and decorum. And, Bijou does it perfectly.

Dress code plays a big part in maintaining decorum. This is why Bijou expects its guests to look their best. If you’re going to Bijou, make sure you dress to impress. Your dress should reflect that you have made an effort to look elegant.

Bijou Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Girls have so much fun when it comes to dressing code. They can experiment with various types of partywear in this night. An off-shoulder dress that ends just above the knee is a good partywear.

If you don’t have an off-shoulder dress, then you can wear a halter-neck dress or a cute black or red dress. A white shirt and short black skirt look equally beautiful.

There is an abundant range of colors for women. Electric blue, copper, maroon, red, black, plum, olive green, charcoal, peach, white, pink, orange, etc. are some of the trending colors, which women can wear.

Last weekend, I saw a girl wearing a jumpsuit. She was looking gorgeous. She hardly used any makeup except for a bright red lipstick. That was enough to slit the hearts of men.

When it comes to shoes, keep them stylish. Wear sexy party shoes or heels. If you don’t have any idea of the types of partywear shoes, then browse online. You will get tons of ideas on where you can get stylish shoes at a cheap rate.

Bijou Nightclub Lane Dress Code for the Gents

Dress like a properly groomed man when you’re going to this nightclub. Collared shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and trousers are a few types of clothes you can wear here. During winters, you can wear a blazer over your shirt to look like a complete man.

A smart wristwatch is a must if you want to look like a cool dude.

Avoid wearing sportswear and sports shoes. Keep your shorts and jerseys at home. Make sure you don’t wear hats, caps, hoodies, and trainers while entering Bijou nightclub.

When it comes to shoes, keep them as simple as possible. Don’t wear sports shoes or gym shoes. Stick to formal shoes as they are the best bet.

Keep your hair clean and properly groomed. And, avoid wearing big junk jewelry since they make you look like a ‘wannabe.’

Our Suggestions

The manager of the Bijou once revealed a special rule of the nightclub. He said that the nightclub management doesn’t allow men to enter in groups. This is purely for security reasons. They don’t want to face 20 people in case there is any problem.

So if you’re planning to visit this nightclub, you shouldn’t go to huge groups. And make sure your dress is not scruffy. These are big turn-offs for the Bijou nightclub management.

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