Boise Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Boise. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Boise is one of the popular cities of the U.S. state of Idaho and is the county seat of Ada County. This place is well known for its rich cultural heritage and historical attractions. Boise is also a hotspot for small businesses. 

A Little About Boise

It is known as The City of Trees as it has vast greenery and has multiple outdoor attractions. The main attraction of the place is the Boise Art Museum which is full of contemporary artworks. The chief attractions are the outdoor sculpture garden and other places like the Basque Block, Trey McIntyre Project, Ballet Idaho, the symphony, the multiple museums, and the opers. 

Boise provides various recreational activities like hiking and biking besides ski hills and mountains where tourists can have a great time while involving in adventurous activities. 

The winter over here is mild, while spring and fall do come in time, and the summers are not too hot. So, the climate is pretty comfortable for the tourists to roam around. 

Culture in Boise

Boise is culturally rich, and you will find art museums and other places that encourage their art forms. Literature is their chief interest, and they have opera and theatres around the city. 

Boise Nightlife

Boise nightlife provides an extraordinarily different and excellent way to unwind. Both the tourists and the local people enjoy the essence and fun of Boise’s nightlife. The nightlife of Boise is gaining popularity with every passing year, and as the city grows, it welcomes more tourists every month. 

In Boise, the tourists will find an exceptional amalgamation of breweries, bars, and nightclubs. However, the real fun begins after dusk when people let their hair down and go with the flow of the exciting nightlife that unfolds. 

Best Bars in Boise

Some of the finest bars in Boise provide an array of drinks as you want them with ice or prefer them as cocktails. After traveling through the place during the daytime, you can enjoy a relaxed evening in some of these bars or lounges. If you are a party person, you may groove to the bar’s music or may have a great time with your friends. 

Whiskey Bar & Silly Birch

Whiskey Bar & Silly Birch

It is a relaxed venue with the best whiskey available for people of all ages and tastes. The combination of comfortable chairs, stand-up whiskey barrel tables, wooden walls, and soothing music is just a comfort to the soul. It is a fun place to be with friends. 

The patrons enjoy the Boise weather when the large garage door is opened for them during the warmer seasons. The Silly Birch is just beside this bar and a fun sports bar where you will watch live matches. It has got a lively ambiance too.

Address: 507 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Thursday to Saturday 3 pm-2 am, Sunday 7 pm-2 am, Monday and Tuesday 3 pm-2 am.

Phone: +1 208-429-5755

Diablo & Sons Saloon

Diablo & Sons Saloon

It is one of the biggest and finest taco saloons with a warm atmosphere where people can find their comfortable spot and taste a wide selection of amazing drinks. Beers, innovative cocktails, and tacos are always on their list for visitors. 

A wide range of finger foods is available to choose from. In addition, you can order burgers, appetizers, and a well-crafted selection of tacos that will be suitable with the preferred choice of your drinks. 

Address:246 N 8th St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Wednesday to Sunday open from 11 am to 11 pm (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Phone:+1 208-391-9419

Website – 

Olympic Venue

Olympic Venue

This is one of the newest bars of Boise, which maintains its reputation and servers the best drinks and food in the location. This place is famous for the live music from various local and popular bands. It has an amazing dance floor, and the seating arrangement is excellently made. The regular concerts make this place more attractive for the tourists. 

Address:1009 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: every day 7 pm-10 pm (Closed on Monday and Thursday)

Phone:+1 208-342-0176

Website – 

Bike Bar/Pedals & Pints

Bike Bar/Pedals & Pints

This is one of the most amazing and unique ways of getting a drink and having fun with friends. You can visit here with almost 15 friends to explore Boise downtown as there will be a driver who will drive you all to the downtown of Boise, but you can only have alcohol at the stops. 

Address: W Front St & S 12th St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Monday to Sunday, 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. 

Phone:+1 208-371-3270

Website – 



If you want to enjoy old arcade games, retro-themed video game consoles, and films, then this place is ideal for you. There is a good selection of cheap drinks that you may want to grab besides playing these popular games. In addition, the film trivia is organized every week by them to challenge your movie knowledge. 

Address:200 N Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Sunday to Thursday 4 pm to 11 pm and Friday, Saturday 12 pm to 2 am. 

Website – 

Pengilly’s Saloon

Pengilly’s Saloon

This bar is designed to maintain the old west vibe with its wooden floors and a fully-stocked bar, and the stage where live music is performed. The cool array of drinks with the best live music experience provides a relaxing environment for the visitors. 

Address: 513 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Friday to Wednesday, 12 pm to 2 am. (Closed on Thursdays)

Phone:+1 208-345-6344

Website – 

The Reef

The Reef

One of the premium tropical hangouts in Boise is The Reef. The island culture and theme inspire the food and drinks available here. Their upstairs restaurant is excellently crafted with the rooftop patio, which forms the ultimate place for relaxation. 

Live musical in-house concerts are organized several times a week and are one of the Treefort Music Festival’s hotspots. So, people who love music can find the place indeed interesting with their choice of drinks. 

Address: 105 S 6th St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Monday to Thursday 3-9 pm, Friday, Saturday 3-11 pm

Phone:+1 208-287-9200

Website –

Best Nightclubs in Boise

Nightclubs in Boise are something that tourists look forward to. The downtown nightclubs are the places where you can have the best relaxing experiences. The bars and nightclubs form the coolest part of Boise. 

Humpin’ Hannah’s

Humpin' Hannah's

This is one of the best nightclubs in Boise. Apart from drinks, you can engage in various activities. Pool tables, darts, eclectic decoration, and live band performances can surely make an evening memorable. The food is authentic, and you can enjoy it here till midnight. The ambiance is both exciting and relaxing. 

Address: 621 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Wednesday to Saturday 5 pm to 2 am. (Closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday)

Phone: +1 208-345-7557

Karma (Formerly Fatty’s)

Karma (Formerly Fatty's)

Karma is popular with the best DJs, and if you love to dance, this place is suitable for you. There are many places for dancing to the beats of a live DJ. To make the night lively, you can have your cocktail from their wide range of drinks and enjoy pizza from the pizzeria down the nightclub. You can dance throughout the night and can sip your favorite drinks in between. 

Address: 800 W Idaho St #201, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Friday and Saturday 8 pm to 2 am. 

Phone: +1 208-515-3737

Website – 

Amsterdam Lounge

Amsterdam Lounge

This is one of the fashionable lounge bars of Boise. There are many trendy and designed sitting arrangements with an extensive drink menu beside an outdoor patio that provides a feeling of style and fun. The place is amazing for its unique events and special occasions to brighten up the mood. The food adds more worth to this nightclub. 

Address: 609 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Tuesday to Saturday 4 pm to 2 am.

Phone: +1 208-345-9515



The laid-back ambiance of this nightclub is best for people who want some relaxation. The atmosphere is enhanced by the live events of varied music, including rock, electronic, and indie. In addition, the selection of drinks and food makes the place worth every penny. 

Address: 111 N 11th St, Boise, ID 83702

Timing: Monday to Sunday 12 pm-2 am

Phone: (208) 343-0886

Website – 

Dirty Little Roddy’s

Dirty Little Roddy's

This has got a basement bar by Basque Block. This place is known for its mechanical bull and the casual atmosphere. Here people love to indulge in country-inspired events and can have a good time with friends. Free peanuts and tailgate seating are the add-ons. It has got a friendly and warm welcoming feel for the tourists. The place is well decorated, and the drinks here are specially served. You will find great finger foods that will go well with the drinks. 

Address: 100 S 6th St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

Timing: Wednesday to Saturday 9 pm-2 am

Phone:+1 208-345-9515

Peak Hour of the Nightlife in Boise

Talking about the nightlife of Boise, the peak hour of the nightclubs starts after 11 pm. The nightclubs are full of tourists and local people at this hour, so these places are very much active during such hours. The footfall in the nightclubs and the bars increases as the night darkens. 

The lively music, enthusiastic people, and sparkling lights make the place suitable for whole-night parties. However, if you are alone, you can taste the authentic cuisines of this place with the best of drinks available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boise worth the visit?

Boise is a great place in itself which is less visited by tourists and is not much crowded. Hence Boise is one of the best destinations if you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation. But, on the other hand, it is an untouched destination for many touring enthusiasts and is gradually gaining popularity among all. 

You will enjoy Boise if you are inclined towards cultural and historical aspects while traveling. With outdoor theatre and a culturally progressive population, this place is definitely worth the visit. 

Is there anything to do in Boise alone?

There are lots of things to do alone in Boise. You can indulge in hiking and can explore the place through the biking trails available. You can experience their street arts and murals while taking a tour around the city shopping area. Boise knows how to party, and you can always get into any of the nightclubs to relax and enjoy your drinks.

Other than that, you can take a stroll around Hyde Park and visit the farmers market downtown. Small cafes, shops, and restaurants must be there on your list when you are traveling alone. Visiting the Basque Museum and the Idaho State Museum is a must for tourists. 

Is Boise a safe place to visit?

Boise has the lowest crime rates and is safe to visit. You can easily enjoy your vacation here without any stress. The nightlife of Boise is also safe, which provides you more opportunities to visit the bars and nightclubs to involve in late-night parties. 


Boise will never disappoint the tourists with varied preferences and budgets. There are various budget and luxurious hotels available for tourists. 

You can hire cars to visit the various tourist attractions or even take public transport for short trips around the place. There record shops in Boise are a must-visit. 

Cascade rafting and kayaking are best for tourists who love adventure sports. Wine tasting at Koenig Winery, Fujishin Family Cellars, and Sawtooth Winery with incredible landscapes will add more value to your vacation. 

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival stages some of the great Shakespearean plays you will not like to miss if you are interested in English Literature. However, the overall experience of this place will be something that you will want to cherish forever.

Video To Watch To Discover

Does Boise have a good nightlife?

Downtown Boise is full of bars and clubs, from watering hole institutions to bass-thumping dance clubs, large and small, ideal for a night crawl. If cinema is your thing, there are plenty of big screens around Boise metro, including two local art theaters in downtown Boise.

Is Boise Good for singles?

Idaho’s capital city is a great place to live for singles and young professionals because it offers a low cost of living, exciting nightlife, and one of the hottest job markets in the state. Here are the five best neighborhoods in Boise for young adults!

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