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Boom Boom Room San Francisco, Guide & Review

Boom Boom Room is a hip and groovy place. A full-service bar, comfortable seating, disco balls and a stage for live performances are installed here. TVs are also available here; they are used to display various games. We are a little old school, so; no tabs or other electronic devices are utilized at our place. Even our menu is handwritten and can be found at the bar. A large neon sign hangs in front of our door which beckons people to come in and relax. Soul, Funk, Electro, Blues, Jazz, New Orleans, and Rock music are played here.

Every Sunday, we host an event called Return of the Cypher. DJ Kevvey Kev, Ms. Jenna Medina and Get Down band, etc. Live perform. Hip Hop culture is the primary focus of this party. On Wednesdays, we organize the Recess event. During which Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Bass, Trap and Slaps music will be played. Along with special guests, our resident DJs such Yelir, Kurse, Lok, Madison and Don D, etc. will also perform. Every month’s last Tuesday we host an event called Tuesday Jam Cult. During which AllofaSudden, along with various other artists/bands will perform. In the upcoming days Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Five Alarm Funk, Humidors, IDEA TEAM, The Fell Swoop, and Mojo Green, etc. will also be seen playing at our place. Tickets are available for all of our events.

We serve delicious cocktails, and various other drinking options are also available at our place. Our bartenders are brilliant and will provide you with excellent service.

Boom Boom Room’s timings for Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday are from 4 pm to 2 am. On Friday and Saturday, we remain open from 4 pm to 3 am.

If you are ever in San Francisco, then do visit the Boom Boom Room.

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