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Bullwinkles Columbus, Guide & Review

While in search of a stunning venue in Columbus, United States to have a breathtaking night out, Bullwinkles nightclub is the place to head to. Bullwinkles is a shiny new nightclub and bar that appeals to those who are looking for a place where they can go solely to dance and enjoy a few drinks amongst the high-tech laser shows and smoke machines that accompany the nighty rotation of DJs. Bullwinkles is the premier nightclub centrally located on high street across from The Ohio State University.  Chances are this is where the majority of Ohio State students will meet their future soulmates. It’s a neon-lit nightclub featuring a large, vibrant dance floor, DJ music & drink specials.

The club offers a truly open space that is mainly standing room only with a few couches near the entrance, some bench seating along the wall and a couple of tables designed for two along the adjacent wall of the expansive full-service bar. With a more upscale feel than the typical college bar, Bullwinkles aims to make the patron experience a little bit more of a lavish night out.

The most stunning aspect of the Bullwinkles nightclub is the dance floor accompanied by the obnoxious laser light show that one can only appreciate while intoxicated. It’s a genuinely nice place overall with a high standard of cleanliness, excellent liquor service, awesome dance floor and great music.  Bullwinkles boasts a variety of DJs every night. The floor is spacious, trumping the size of all other dance floors in the area. Furthermore the DJs are always on point with the music. It’s a spot to go with your friends and have breathtaking fun in the open environment. In addition there are stunning lights and a sound system. If you have not been to Bullwinkles then I would strongly recommend it.

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