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Cafe De Paris London, Guide & Review


The club is located in Leicester Square. Specifically the address is 3 Coventry Street, West End, London. You will easily be able to find Café De Paris. You can get a taxi or commute via trains and get off at Leicester Square station.

VIP Table Guide

Café De Paris happens to be a premium establishment in London. The place has been successfully serving and entertaining big names from the world over for years on end. The club is a fixture in the London nightlife scene and has maintained its position as one of the best night clubs in the city for over 90 years. The club has VIP tables available for those who can afford it and to be honest, if you are in a position to spring for a VIP table then you should because while everyone is bound to have a great time at Café De Paris, those who spring for the VIP table have it even better. The VIP table means you do not have to wait in a queue but can go right in. The standard table can seat a maximum of 10 people and costs 500 pounds. While the VIP table can also seat a maximum of 10 guests but costs 1000 pounds.

Bottle Service

Bottle service at Café De Paris is amazing. The prices depend on the bottle you order. Premium drinks cost more of course but standard spirits like Vodka and Brugal are pretty affordable and should not cost you too much.

The Dress Code

The dress code at Café De Paris is incredibly high end and thus you should look the part when you are going there. Men should be dressed to impress in nice dinner jackets and formal shoes while ladies should be dressed to kill in their cocktail dresses and heels. No casual clothes or sloppy shoes will be allowed inside the club!

Cafe De Paris London Dress Code Guide

One of the most exclusive night clubs in London, Café de Paris is a once cabaret, now transformed night club which is a wonder to the eyes, the ears and the soul. This cosmopolitan night club in London attracts some of the trendiest, hottest and most chic crowds from all over London as well as from all over the world.

If you are one of those who wishes to enjoy a night out at Café de Paris, London, then you need to be very aware of the dress code guidelines for this club. Here you will find a short guide to the Café de Paris dress code which will tell you everything you need to know about how to dress to gain entry into this super popular night club in London.

Café de Paris Dress Code for the Ladies

Café de Paris is all about glamour, style and sophistication. So it is quite obvious that you are expected to dress in the same way! When it comes to the dress code policy, Café de Paris has a ‘Smart and Sexy’ Dress Code policy.

For the ladies, this means that you should put on some of your most glamorous dresses. If you are still confused, then keep in mind that you can never go wrong with an LBD or a Little Black Dress! Of course, you can always experiment a little more with short skirts, trousers and blouses, crop tops, fancy tops and coordinated outfits.

When it comes to shoes, stick to your best high heels for this club. Any kind of sandals, flip flops, sportswear and running shoes are absolutely prohibited at this club.

As for your makeup, go ga-ga! Experiment with soft, dewy eyes and bold lips, or a cat eye look with red lips, whatever you feel goes well with your outfit!

Café de Paris Dress Code for the Gents

The gentlemen at Café de Paris can dress in Smart Casuals. This means that a good pair of designer jeans along with a smart, collared shirt would be absolutely perfect. You can also opt for trousers to go along with your collared shirt. If you must wear a t-shirt, make sure it is not overly casual, and you have a jacket or blazer over the t-shirt.

As for what you should avoid, stay away from sportswear, sandals and flip flops, loafers, shorts, and distressed jeans. You should also avoid wearing hats and caps at this night club.

As for your hair and beard, it is best to come well groomed to this club. Dress to impress, you never know who you might run into at this famous night club in London!


If you are planning on visiting this club, it is best to stick to the dress code guidelines properly if you don’t want to be sent back from the front door. Avoid wearing anything overly casual or even overly dressy. If you are looking for some tips, you can always visit the Café de Paris Club, London, official website and look through the club pictures to get some inspiration on your next outfit!

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