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Casa da Matriz Rio de Janeiro, Guide & Review

Looking for an amazing place to be on your night out in Rio de Janeiro? Casa da Matriz is the place to be. Casa da Matriz is one of the most traditional nightclubs in Botafogo and for 10 years has hosted events that have marked the cultural life of Rio, including plays, exhibitions, fashion events and independent productions by musical groups. The space was an escape valve for the urban youth culture still being established, a true laboratory of carioca trends , which helps to forge the cultural soul of a cosmolite and pulsating city, ready to become one of the biggest tourist destinations. of the world.

Casa da Matriz is a place that transcends the concept of a nightclub. Inaugurated more than 15 years ago, it has a prominent place in the history of Rio’s nightlife, always representing the alternative world and its manifestations. A house that is out of the ordinary, frequented by people interested in music and culture. There are two dance floors, two bars, arcade machines, crazy decor and unconventional parties. 

Casa da Matriz features Karaoke nights, an amazing DJs, intimate atmosphere, awesome music from pop Rock, indie Rock, pop, funk, and hip-hop, great ambience, two spacious and stylish dance floors, two floors, small comfy rooms, great events venue, cool crowd dancing non-stop with its unpretentious style,good bar with variety of reasonably priced drinks, tasteful programming and delicious food.

It’s definitely a great place to enjoy the night with friends.

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