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Funky Buddha was in the business for the longest time, since 2001, and now the venue has been re-envisioned with a £1m refurbishment, known as Charlie Berkeley Street. Get into the Charlie Guestlist to see that the theme is all about the British comic actor and film-maker, Charlie Chaplin. The team behind this new and exciting venue decided to bring to life a new concept inspired by his life.

Initially known as the Funky Buddha when it opened up back in 2001, the club has now been completely re-envisioned and reimagined. Known as Club Charlie, the club attracts high rollers such as financiers, celebrities and more. The club was named Charlie due to who inspired the new décor and ambiance for it; Charlie Chaplin the famous British comedic actor and director. The club has a very plush and rich vibe and as soon as you enter you just know you will have a good time because of the level of décor and ambiance the club now has. The club was remodeled and rebranded with a budget of 1 million pounds so you can think about how majorly amazing it must be now. The theme of the club means your night will be a riot if you choose to go to the club. As soon as it opened in 2015 after being rebranded, the club has taken the scene clubbing scene in London by storm and almost always has a big waiting list which you will have to get your name on if you want to enter the famous Club Charlie.


Located in London’s happening Mayfair area, Club Charlie has the privilege of being located in the best part of town. 15 Berkeley street in Mayfair in London is the exact address of the club and it should be easy enough for you to find.

VIP Table Guide

VIP tables at the club are pretty hard to come by since they fill up pretty fast. And honestly, with the number of perks that come with a VIP table, everyone should try to get one if they can swing it. With the VIP table, you get a host who entertains you throughout your night there, you get preferred entry into the club with the bouncers letting you through with no issues at all and you get the best seats in the entire club. The standard spend for a VIP table of a second-tier is 1000 pounds but the premium tier VIP table costs 2000 pounds and is a great experience for everyone who opts for it. The prices are not as high as some other London clubs but the experience rivals even the best of the best clubs found in the city which is why Club Charlie is a must-visit.

Bottle Service

Bottle service at Club Charlie is very standard. The prices for bottle service range from 80 pounds to over 1000 pounds depending on the alcohol you order. Cheaper bottles are of standard drinks while premium drinks are of course, more expensive.

The Dress Code

The dress code at Club Charlie is much like that of any other club in the world. The club wants its patrons looking sharp which is why men are asked to be dress in their nice suits with formal shoes and neat hair. While women are asked to don their favorite cocktail or floor-length dress with their nicest heels.

Charlie London Dress Code Guide

A venue inspired by one of the most iconic entertainers of all time, Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Berkeley Street is a popular night club in London. Everything about the venue has a tinge of 1920’s nostalgia in it; with a modern twist, making it a memorable venue for party goers here. For those who are looking to escape the monotonous humdrum of everyday life, Charlie Berkeley Street presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable night.

Attracting only the chicest and elite crowds in London, Charlie Berkeley Street has a very strict dress code policy. If you wish to gain entry into this night club, you will have to follow the dress code guidelines carefully. This guide on the Charlie Berkeley dress code policy will tell you everything you need to know.

Charlie Berkeley Street Dress Code for the Ladies

With a vintage ambience to the club, Charlie Berkeley has a strictly Smart and Elegant dress code policy. The ladies can experiment with their choice of dresses; be it a little black dress, a long gown with sequins, a short dress with a bold pattern, or trousers paired with a fancy top.

When it comes to shoes, it is best to stick to high heels. Choose a pair of heels which completes the look of your club attire.

As for your makeup, keep the phrase ‘less is more’ in mind. Opt for a bold eye makeup look to complement the colors of your outfit, or go for bold lips instead and keep the eye makeup to a minimum. Of course, those who are really talented with the makeup brush can experiment with other kinds of makeup looks as well. If you wish to opt for a vintage-inspired makeup look, go ahead! Charlie Berkeley Street is the best place for you to try out these looks!

Charlie Berkeley Street Dress Code for the Gents

For the men who want to gain entry into Charlie Berkeley Street Club in London, you have to maintain an elegant and classy look for this club.

Collared shirts and formal pants would be the safest option. Of course, don’t forget to pair it up with a great pair of formal shoes. Remember, no look is complete without the perfect pair of shoes to follow! You can also go for a pair of loafers or oxford shoes. If you have a pair of sneakers in mind, then those would be okay too, as long as they are not running shoes. Of course, the rest of your club attire should be completely on point.

If you wish to wear jeans instead of trousers, wear a nice, fitting pair instead of distressed or baggy jeans.

T-shirts, sportswear, polo shirts, and shorts are absolutely not permitted at this club, so be careful with your choice of outfit.


The women have a wide variety of outfits to choose from; from vintage, classic look, to the classic LBD, to even something a little more alluring. However, keep the super revealing outfits for some other club.

You can check out the official website for Charlie Berkeley Street Club, London, and find out more about the door policy of this club.

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