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Charlie’s Phoenix, Guide & Review

Located in Central Phoenix and near Light Rail Station is a one of a kind, unique, exuberant and exotic nightspot. This is Charlie’s Phoenix. For many years, the venue was known as a ‘pissant country place’ or ‘Lil bitty’ on account of the fact that it used to attract only Marlboro Mary’s and tight-wrangled gay folks. However, the time has changed Charlie’s Phoenix a big time. The venue got a renovation just a couple of years back, that not only in decor and embellishment but in size and capacity as well. Now, the venue is much more spacious than before and a miscellaneous and diverse crowd is seen hitting the dance floor all night away! However, Charlie’s Phoenix has retained some of its aspects as they were before the revamping such as the most-muscular bartenders and the after-hours dancing till 4 in the morning on Friday as well as Saturday nights.

Charlie’s Phoenix is also giving the free dance classes in a most fun, supportive, and learning environment. Anyone familiar to any levels of dance can grasp this opportunity on Thursdays and Saturdays. The daily events of Charlie’s Phoenix are most famous among its patrons such as Sexxxy Gogos and The Sinful Studs. The venue is also famed for its miscellaneous and diverse music genres. Local, as well as the internationally-acclaimed DJs and artists perform at Charlie’s. Out of the world cocktails, champagne, and the drinks are on the menu.

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