Charlotte Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Charlotte’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Charlotte. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid-back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


The “Queen City” has a majestic feel to it which turns magnetic once the night starts to set in. Considered one of the most populated cities in North Carolina and the fastest-growing metro area, Charlotte offers a lot more than just being a business hub. Nightlife in the city feels like a complete mix of musical harmonies, delicious and mouth-watering world cuisines, adventurous cocktail combinations, lively dance floors, and much more. Like every big city in America, Charlotte has multi-layers of life offerings and shades of life that you could never be dull.

Best Places to Eat, Drink and Party in Charlotte

You’ll find what you’re looking for in Charlotte, whether it’s international ingredients, spicy fare, or comfort food from your upbringing. Talented chefs are at the helm of everything from decades-old drive-thrus to the most refined dining rooms and the most cutting-edge culinary concepts that would keep you eager for more. 

  1. The Punch Room at Ritz Carlton: Located on 201 E Trade St, this place is known for providing the best versatile cocktail menu all year round. You can either enjoy some daily special or choose from their menu book to try some seasonal offerings crafted professionally and enthusiastically by its bartenders. In addition to hosting a wide array of cocktails made of local fruits, herbs, and vegetables, and a strange mix of small-portion spirits, The Punch Room will also take you on an unforgettable culinary ride.
  1. Dot Dot Dot: Famous for its Great Bourbon, Chinese meals, cold-smoked chicken, beef cheeks, etc., and other rich delicacies, this place is also best rated for its ambiance, fantastic atmosphere, excellent service, and a classy night out fun. Often open till midnight and situated on the Park Road Shopping Center Backlot, book your table at this contemporary styled diner to test their culinary team dedicated to creating tasty and attractive cuisines using the season’s freshest and most flavorful ingredients. In addition, customers who plan some special dates enjoy extra benefits at their themed dine-in or cocktail events like the “Maker’s Mark tasting,” “Great American Whisky Dinner,” “Ring in the Roaring,” etc. 
  1. Stoke Charlotte: Offering an all-day option to satisfy the cravings for seasonal firewood tables, craft beers manufactured locally, artistically handpicked cocktails, and an excellent experience at their chef’s table in the open kitchen. The restaurant is known for its fresh-tasting food, innovative preparations, creative plating, terrific services, and humble and attentive service staff. 
  1. Haberdish: Open till midnight and situated on 3106 N Davidson St: Haberdish has created an appetite for fried chicken-less fast food and a fine dining experience. The primary cuisine type is Southern with a casual dining set-up. However, it also serves brunch during the week. Get a seat at the bar with your partner and enjoy their tasty dishes, diverse cocktail menu, laid-back atmosphere, and fantastic décor. 
  1. Soul Gastrolounge: Innovative pairings are what has made this place a ‘Charlotte favorite’ for more than ten years. Pork belly and watermelon may seem weird, but Soul Gastrolounge has made this improbable combination a customer hit. Tapas-styled food such as rosemary lamb lollipops and sushi meals, as well as unusual beverages, guarantee that every visit is unique. The Asian Glazed Pork Belly Tacos and Korean BBQ wings are also a must-try. Along with the usuals, they also serve many gluten-free options to choose from on the menu. 

Pimento Cheese Dishes in Charlotte 

Don’t forget to try Charlotte’s favorite snack known as “Southern paté” or “paté of the South,” a tempting spread prepared from mayonnaise base in all its delightful iterations and delectable manifestations. The appeal of this delicacy is undeniable in this country, with the Southeast selling more than two-thirds of the pimento cheese spreads, and North Carolina is the country’s largest pimento cheese user. So get all set to enjoy the special pimento cheese nachos in South End Tupelo Honey or Haberdash. Whiskey Warehouse, Soul Gastrolounge and Stone Mountain Grill’s are other famous places to enjoy pimento cheese topped over delicious delicacies. 

Get some party-style barbecue dishes

If you are craving for the “cue,” Charlotte has all the arrangements at its popular barbecue joints. 

  1. Bar-B-Q King: Since 1959, this classic drive-in in West Charlotte has served barbecue sandwiches and legendary fried chicken. Visiting Bar-B-Q King not only assures an actual park-and-eat experience but will also give you enough options to devour the exclusive barbecue menu. French fries, baked beans, onion rings, hushpuppies are among some of the superb options to try.
  1. City Barbeque: Situated on the 1514 Galleria Blvd and operating till 9 pm (Fri – Sat) and 8 pm (Sun – Thu), this famous barbecue place is named voter’s choice in 2018 for Charlotte’s Best BBQ by Charlotte magazine. Customers love the City Barbeque for its perfect southern style BBQ serving all types of salads, smoked chicken, brisket, great selection of sides along with ribs, sausages, etc. 
  1. Mckoy’s Smokehouse and Saloon: Local people opt for this family-owned BBQ restaurant that serves creatively prepared home-style recipes, making sure to gift their customers a perfect time to share the love of friends, family, delicious food, and excellent times. Their unique selling proposition is in the idea of making every food-lover feel at home. Smoked wings, pork nachos, cornbread, and cheesecake make up for a complete meal for the go-eaters. Operating till 10 pm and located on 4630 Old Pineville Rd, Mckoy’s is a great place to enjoy your last meal of the day. 

Drink while you learn

  1. Dragon Moonshine Company: It is a well-known hand-crafted artisan distillery that started as a hobby some twenty years ago but has turned out to be very successful in making the best moonshine, rum, along with other spirits. This little yet magical place opens on Wed-Sat from 4 pm – 8 pm and serves the best freshly prepared apple pie and amaretto moonshine. If you are a fan of clean rum and would like to learn about the process, this is a must-visit place. 
  1. Seven Jars Distillery: Curious about the wine-making details and how much effort goes into it? Seven Jars Distillery is a great place to know about the wine, rum, vodka, and beer production process. It is well-known for its streamlined set-up and equipment and the quality of spirits available for purchase and consumption. They pride themselves in the long-lived history that ties to the rich Charlotte culture and makes the best spirits in the region. 

Gourmet Food Tours

Charlotte not only provides a chance to explore its popular dine-in restaurants and pubs but also gives you a chance to indulge in the fantastic experience of its creative, mouth-watering, and fantastic food tours. 

  1. Taste Carolina: Do you want to discover your inner foodie? Purchase Taste Carolina combination tour tickets and enjoy the whole experience of their well-known tours. 
  • Charlotte Uptown Tasting Tour – Visit many distinguished, privately owned restaurants on a guided walking tour of the city and explore chef’s creations while learning about Charlotte’s rich history, classic yet modern architecture, and delicious culinary heritage. This tour is priced at $75 with a schedule for Lunch Tours from Friday 1 pm onwards and Brunch Tours from 10 am ahead on weekends. It focuses on dishes made using locally sourced ingredients and famous culinary discoveries. 
  • Evening Tours: This exciting walking tour covers several innovative and unique restaurants from Uptown. Take some time out to enjoy the cuisine and drinks and get ready to have lots of fun on this $89.50 priced tour. You can even enjoy every meal with a small cocktail, local craft beer, or wine. It is arranged every Saturday and aims to give you a VIP tour of Charlotte.
  • Brewery Tour Covers three to four Southend breweries on a walking tour and covers refreshments and tastings along with specific personalized requests. 

Cheerful experiences at the nightclubs

The nightlife in Charlotte is enticing. When the sun sets, the city comes alive with local singers who are about to become famous, vibrant dance floors, speakeasies serving expertly prepared cocktails, breweries bursting with local brews, and more. In every nook and cranny of the city, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Topgolf: This is a definite fun place to visit if you plan to spend the night at some lively bars or look forward to trying your hands at a unique golf game concept. Topgolf has 102 bays and spreads over three floors along with a fantastic rooftop. There is a restaurant/bar on the premises; the food is tasty and reasonably priced. Their unique technology-enabled golf setting, well explained by escorts and processed in an organized manner, makes the entire experience exciting and refreshing. You can play other games or see how far your ball has gone even while driving. 
  1. Queen Park Social: Want to get into Charlotte’s social circles and enjoy the night out with friends? Opt for Queen Park Social and take yourself on a fantastic ride comprised of pool games, bowling, basketball, darts, and many more, along with the most incredible cocktails and a beating dance floor. 
  1. Epicenter: Located at 210 E-Trade St. in Uptown Charlotte, Epicentre is a fan-favorite hub for dining, entertainment, nightlife, and recreation. It’s a great place for socializing! Restaurants offering exceptional Southeast food, bars, shops, a bowling alley, and a movie theatre are just a few of the options available. Live music can be found in various settings and spans a wide range of genres, which is convenient because it gives you many options. It also has a beautiful serene park nearby where you can take some moments off, take a long walk or relax.

Want to challenge someone at a friendly game?

If you’re in the Queen City, you’re living in a gamer’s paradise, whether you want to play pool, go outside for a patio game, or relive past glories in the arcade. It’s game time.

  1. ABARI Game Bar: ABARI is a suitable place for an old-school gamer, built as Charlotte’s first arcade and bar combo. The site often remains open till 2 am where you can start the evening with a few rounds of pinball before heading to the bar for a cocktail or one of the nine craft beers on tap. So get ready for an adventurous journey in the arcade with some other gamer friends from the world of GoldenEye 007, Ms. Pac-Man, Nintendo 64, or Mario. You would not comprise the fun in this game bar  regardless of which game path you take, t
  1. Piedmont Social House: In its wide outside area, you may play various games like foosball, board games, ping-pong, cornhole, shuffleboard, bowling, pool, and arcade games. The special gourmet menu features one-of-a-kind dishes such as Salmon Piccata and Parmesan Truffle Fries, along with a diverse selection of locally manufactured beers and unique daily cocktails.

Other cool things to do in Charlotte

Apart from enjoying the freshly cooked delicacies, locally brewed spirits, or live music, you can also explore the Egg-excellent adventure (specifically for kids), annual Tuck Fest at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, Charlotte Thunder’s game, North End camping, and a lot more. So pick up from the bucket list and check all the places you wish to visit or things you crave to do. 

Places to stay in Charlotte

Depending on your budget and travel duration, you may choose from a wide range of luxurious hotels and resorts (The Westin, Marriott City, Hilton, Ballantyne, to name a few) or staycation for those long getaways or Airbnb rentals for a short weekend trip. 


Whether you aim to relax after a long and tiring week or want to take a short road trip to somewhere in North Carolina, Charlotte is a perfect place to be. Charlotte promises a relaxing and adventurous stay to every visitor with the right combination of good eateries and dine-outs, the most excellent pubs, gaming zones, and old yet notable distilleries and wineries. So, what are you waiting for when Charlotte has got a lot to let you enjoy the much-needed leisure time? Book your tickets now and enjoy some of the best night lives of Charlotte!