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Chez Regine Paris, Guide & Review

Created by the mesmerizing and jubilant Regine, a key figure in the night life of Paris, Chez Regine is a night club which is super modern, yet, has a touch of nostalgia. The night club was once themed as a disco from head to toe, but now, revamped, Chez Regine has a vibrant a sophisticated electro appeal.

One of the biggest appeals of Chez Regine is probably their over the top, wild Thursday nights. The Pan-Pan Cul-Cul nights allow men to enjoy free entry to the club; on the condition that they come to the club dressed as women! That truly makes for an extremely wild and interesting Thursday Night at Chez Regine!

Bringing the original idea of a discotheque to the world, Chez Regine was an instant hit amongst patrons during the 1950’s. Soon enough, her night club started gaining name and fame all around the world, and till date, stands as one of the most popular night clubs in Paris.

Chez Regine is all about disco lights compiled with electronic essence and glamour from head to toe.

This is the ultimate guide for Chez Regine Club, Paris. We will tell you everything you need to know about the dress code policy for the club, the guidelines you need to follow, how you can reach the club easily and what you can expect there.

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