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City Nights San Francisco

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City Nights San Francisco, Guide & Review

City Light is an 18+ nightclub which is dedicated to Hip-Hop. It is incredibly popular with San Francisco’s young crowd. Two rooms, a disco ball, multiple dancefloors, a stage, balconies, and three full-service bars are available here. Every night different DJs mix various songs and set the place ablaze. Multi-colored lighting, combined with an excellent sound system provides an amazing experience. You will be rocking out to our music in no time. Multiple VIP areas and cages for dancing are available here as well.

On August 10th, we will host the All Nighter Student Night. During which Top 40 and Hip-Hop music is played. DJ Jazzy Sim and DJ Stewie will play various songs. A dance competition will be organized as well, and the winner will receive a $300 cash price. Go-Go- Balconies will be available above the main dancefloor. Come dressed in your most elegant clothes and get a chance to win a VIP membership. It will grant you free admission every Saturday. VIP packages and VIP ticket options are also available as well. We will also serve complimentary Pizza as well. This is an 18+ event so, please bring your valid along. On 17th August we will organize the Guess Who is Appearing event. During which the Best Dressed Contest will be held, and cash prizes will be distributed as well. In the Front Room Red Carpet photographing set up will be available. We will publish the list of artist/DJs soon. Along with this, we will also be hosting the Lingerie night on the 24th August and 31st August will be dedicated to Ozuna.

Our place can also be rented for private events as well. We can accommodate up to 1200 people and will provide you excellent service.

Visit the City light for excellent Hip-Hop

City Nights San Francisco Dress Code Guide

City Nights operates in 3 names in San Francisco. It’s called Crib on Thursday. It’s known as Club X on Fridays, and City Nights on Friday.

San Francisco is all about classy dress and accessories. The dress code is fashionable, casual, trendy, and chic. So if you’re all prepared to spend a beautiful night in this fabulous nightclub, then this post is a must-read for you because we will discuss the dress code for both men and women here.

City Nights Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

There are no strict dress code guidelines for girls. Business casual is a nice option.

A sexy dress with a side slit is a perfect cocktail dress. A black cocktail dress with crimson red lipstick and a stiletto can give you a look of a sexy siren. So this should be your first choice of dress when you’re going to a party in the City nights.

Otherwise, you can wear a skirt with a cropped top. If you’re a little heavy, then wear a tunic with trousers. A white tunic with a black trouser is perfect. Choose a wine shade lipstick to complete your look.

What to avoid wearing here 

1. Beach attire because you’re not here for swimming. This is not a beach club. This is a nightclub where young and old come here to dance and drink. Avoid wearing tank tops, monokini, bikini, etc.

2. Sandals are not accepted here. No flip flops and flats.

3. No tank tops, please. Don’t wear white shirts with offensive logos. There shouldn’t be vulgar images as well.

4. Face tattoos are again not allowed here. So don’t get inked in your face before coming here.

5. Don’t wear junk jewelry if you’re a man. It’s not at all classy.

City Nights Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Polo shirts and dress shirts are what men are allowed to wear here. But they can’t wear jeans or t-shirts. Dress pants, button-downs, and blazers are allowed here since business casual is permitted in the night club.

Sneakers, work boots, leather boots, sandals, and any other types of sports shoes won’t be allowed here.

Youngsters and 40 plus people come here from various sections of society. Make sure your dress is crisp and clean. Don’t wear ripped or torn clothes.

Gym clothes and sports clothes are prohibited in all the nightclubs. Jerseys, track jackets, joggers, baseball hats, caps, and shorts are not allowed here.

During winters, you can wear sweaters and jackets.

Our Suggestions 

Whether you’re a man or a woman, try to choose a black color dress since it’s less likely to get dirty quickly. Even if wine or food falls in your clothes, you can easily manage it without spending a lot of time in the washroom.

The management of the City Nights has absolute power and authority. They will decide if you can enter the nightclub. Don’t get into any fight with them.

Follow the dress code and other rules when you are entering the nightclub. You won’t face any problem in entering the nightclub.

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