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Club 21 Firenze Florence, Guide & Review

CLUB21 Firenze happens to be the first club in Florence since 1964. Many clubs at the time had juke boxes or live groups, there was a disc jockey passing the pucks, records that were obviously owned by the club. It’s in the heart of the historic center of Florence. Here is one of the concerts of 1864 with life calips and it has awesome moments in Florence for Italians and international students. 

The best music, drinks and it’s a favorite place to go out. You can dress up, you can come out in jeans, flats or heels . It is a place where you can just go and dance and have lots of fun, being yourself and hanging out with your friends. It is a club with a wide and spacious dance floor, lots of seating, 2 bars, VIP tables and a VIP room. Check  Club21 Firenze official Facebook page for the week’s events:

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