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CLUB 555 Pattaya, Guide & Review

Looking for that small amazing alley club where you can wine on fun night, club 555 is the place to go in Pattaya.Club 555 Pattaya is a small, indeed very small, Gentlemen’s Club style bar located on Soi Asia Backpackers, off Soi Buakhao in Pattaya Thailand. What it lacks in size it makes up for in popularity. 

It is quiet, which is ideal for a gentlemen’s club’s location. In other words, out of public view and offering a fair bit of discretion. If you are unfamiliar with gentlemen’s clubs – it is basically a closed door venue, where men can go to enjoy a drink with sexy ladies and have some “me time” away from the “other half” in many instances. These are venues where men get pampered by adorable ladies and can drink in peace.

Once inside, you will see bench style seats, tables and a largish well stocked bar. The mood is of a secretive nature set by dark, sombre lighting, but still offering enough ambiance to see the stunning girls who are serving your drinks.Televisions play music videos for entertainment, which will always play second fiddle to the gorgeous babes parading around the venue in revealing attire.There are tables and high chairs to the right, just before the bar, plus customers can sit at the service area and chat to the staff as they go about their duties.Disco style lighting helps create a seductive atmosphere as reds, greens and blues, create patterns on the floor.

Make sure you visit this  fun venue, and you will enjoy it and make the most of your time here.It offers a carefree environment to relax with attractive girls, drinks and of course bliss.

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