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Club Insomnia Pattaya, Guide & Review

Club Insomnia is a dance nightclub in Pattaya. It’s a rollicking nightspot with DJ fueled dancing, colourful lights and a bar with terrace seating. It’s firmly established and recognized as the outstanding entertainment venue in Pattaya, Thailand. Stylish venue with awesome sound, breathtaking light effects, amazing visuals, most upfront music in Thailand. 

Clubbers at Club Insomnia can either groove on the dance floor and check beautiful people or hang out in the Insomnia VIP area. Either option will allow them to receive the highest standards of service and quality from their awesome staff, while still feeling the vibe of the music. You can choose any of their 6 bars to soak up the flavor or mix cocktails. The Insomnia ibar is a gateway to the style of contemporary design in walking street, consisting of 2 distinctive zones; the bar terrace, you can always find a space to party with the crowd, or chill out on the bay. The ibar plays a mix of Hip-Hop, house, Thai music to ensure no musical taste is left wanting. They also host monthly guest spots for top names on the local and international circuit. 

You will definitely appreciate the service Club Insomnia offers and there is no really another place like this to enjoy the best Pattaya nightlife. It’s also home to several competition standard pool tables, where monthly ladies, gents and doubles competitions take place for top prizes, the weekly killer tournaments are a special favorite of the regular crowd. Why not try your hand when you visit. The Insomnia Club experience will leave you needing more, so go and party with them every night. Dance the night away, party with your friends or find a new romance. You can be sure every night is a huge party at Club Insomnia.

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