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Located in Deansgate, next to the famous Albert Hall, Club LIV is a VIP night club and one of the most popular venues in the city. It combines an exclusive club with a beautiful terrace bar and even better restaurant, providing the visitors with elegance and style in every corner. In the lower level, there is a swish night club with LED walls and a raised booth for live DJs. The bar is decorated with marble, and large booths line the dance floor so the guests can sit down, enjoy their drinks and have a good time.

When you move to the upper level, you come across an excellent Pan-Asian restaurant that offers some of the most decadent dishes from around the world. During the summer months, guests can enjoy their drinks on the roof terrace in the beautiful summer air.

The club is open Wednesdays to Sundays, but Saturday is when the VIP crowd comes in with all their extravagance on display. You often find Manchester United fans unwinding in the club after a game as well. So whether you want good food, drinks or some nice music to party to, you cannot go wrong with visiting Club LIV.

Liv Manchester Guest List

Guest List Signup:


How it works:

Step One

Sign Up on our Guest List, follow the steps below.

Step Two

You Will Recieve an Email Confirmation with entry details and instructions.

Step Three

Show your email confirmation at the club door to enter with guest list conditions.

Useful Information for getting in:

How to get past the door when you’re on the guest list:

  • The club reserves all rights to deny entry, do NOT give them a reason to
  • Come prepared: know that to get in you need to say “I’m on the nightflow List” and be sure you have the email confirmation ready if the bouncer asks you.
  • For guys: I’d strongly recommend arriving extra early, being on good behaviour in the line or when near the club (don’t bring beer into the line or chug it in front of the club, bouncers don’t like that)
  • Be sure you bring ID, if you are or look young, bring original copies of your passports. Technically copies are acceptable but bouncers are always suspicious of them. Stay away from fake IDs.
  • You will find the exact conditions in the confirmation email, they are subject to change
  • In high season, the line can be 30-45 minutes. I recommend arriving 45 minutes before the cutoff hour for the guest list.
  • Tip: It helps to go in with attractive women

Frequently Asked Questions about Guest List Entry

How many people can I put on the guest list?

With the form above you can put as many people on the guest list as you like. I just recommend splitting large groups up into small groups of 4 or 5. Then ideally each group has a separate signup and every group has at least 1 confirmation email they can show at the door.

What if I just turn up and say “I’m on the nightflow List at the door”?

Technically, this is all you need to do. Guest lists these days are “open”, which means you just have to say the guest list name at the club door. The club doesn’t have your name specifically.

Until when can I get in with your guest list?

This differs for each club, for each night and whether you are a man or woman. The conditions for the club and night you’re signed up to will be on the confirmation email I’ll send you.

The bouncers told me I’m not on the guest list after I stood in line. Why?

Now, this is almost always (95% of the time) an excuse to not let you in due to you or your group not being up to dress code standards, due to bad behaviour or that you don’t fit the profile of the club. Bouncers do not like to tell you that you are dressed badly, are too fat, too drunk etc to your face, so they come up with lines like “private event”, “you’re not on the list”, “the club is full” etc. It might simply be because they have already let in too many guys and have stopped letting in male-only groups.

The form will only let me sign up to me +5 guests, but we are a group of 8, what should we do?

This is a deliberate favour for you. My goal is for you to have the best night out and especially the smoothest time at the door. A group of 8 is no problem at all, but its always best if large groups split up into smaller groups so the club door has an easier time dealing with you. In an ideal world, everyone signs up for the guest list themselves and has an email confirmation. If inconvenient, I’d recommend groups of 4-5 max. Then designate a group leader to say “we are on the nightflow list” to the bouncer then ushers the rest of the mini group in.

What is the difference between guest lists and tickets, and which is better?

Guest lists are the clubs incentive for promoters to bring in the right people into the club early. The guest list always has excellent conditions for the night out if you arrive early. Some clubs also have offers with free dinners or free drinks if you arrive early enough. Tickets however usually allow you to skip the line and enter with the ticket all night (as long as the club is full). With a ticket, you are essentially prebuying a drink. And most of the time the offer with the ticket is better than buying the drinks inside. Example: Many tickets include a drink at 10 euros, whereas getting a drink inside the club might cost 12-15 euros. In that case definitely get tickets if you are planning on drinking!

Am I on the VIP list?

To clear this up: most clubs don’t have VIP lists. There are 4 options to get in a club: a VIP table (bottle service) which often includes the entry fee, a presale ticket, paying the cover on the night and finally the regular guest list. Each has its advantages other than just turning up and paying cover, that just plain sucks.

Can I get into the VIP area?

The VIP area is only for VIP guests, its a separate area inside the club where you’ll find tables for the guests that have bought bottles and table service. Occasionally a club will let in groups of great looking girls into the VIP area. Guys will almost always have to pay.

My friend is 17, can I get her in with your list?

Sadly not except if the club has a specific minors night. The club is legally restricted on letting minors in on nights when they serve alcohol. Also, many nights and more upscale clubs will also filter people out at the door due to their age. Always consult the club sessions or our dress code guides to know if you will be able to get into the club.

Hey, I’m at the door! Can you bring me in?

A frequent request, however everyone else in the line is also on the guest list, I’m afraid due to fairness I can’t get you in past the door.

Liv Manchester Dress Code Guide

You can’t expect anything less than top-class environment from a nightclub where award ceremonies, product launches, and fashion shows are of a regular occurrence. And you can’t expect anything less than a smart and casual dress code from a nightclub where celebrities often pay a visit.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Club Liv where glamor oozes out from its every corner. If you spend one night here, you’ll understand the true meaning of the term ‘world of opulence.’ But before you pay a visit, make you check the dress code once because that is pretty strict there.

Club LIV Dress Code for the Ladies

Club Liv Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies
A black top with black jeans and bright red lip color – this is a killer dress code for a party at Club Liv. You can keep your hair open to look sexy.

A cute little black dress is another favorite dress of women. So, if you have one, do wear it without thinking about anything else.

Heels are an absolute must. Recently, a pregnant woman was not allowed to enter the nightclub because she was not wearing her heels. Can you imagine that? Yes. It happened. So, if you’re planning to party at Club Liv nightclub, then make sure you wear heels by hook or crook.

Ditch your sandals and embrace your heels.

Few things to keep in mind 

Apart from what I have told you, there are a few other points that you have to keep in mind. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Don’t carry drugs in your wallet or bags. If you are found intoxicated, then even if you maintain a proper dress code, the nightclub will throw you out.

2. Don’t wear torn or ripped clothes as it is not accepted here. Avoid wearing baggy clothes too.

3. Wear small accessories instead of big ones.

4. Avoid wearing sports attire as they are not allowed in most nightclubs.

5. Don’t wear hats or caps or jersey or sports shoes, especially here. Also, avoid wearing gym shoes or work boots.


Club LIV Dress Code for the Gents

A collared shirt with formal trousers is an awesome combination. A white shirt with black trousers can never go wrong. You can also wear a tie along with it. But it should be black.

Another good combination is a black collared shirt with black trousers. If you’re a businessman, then you can wear a blazer over the shirt.

Formal shoes are the safest bet because they are well accepted in all the nightclubs. Designer sneakers may get approved, but there is no guarantee that they will shine once again.

Our Suggestions

Nightclub management is very strict when it comes to dressing code. If you explore traveling and tourists forums, you’ll find that many guests have complained that they were not allowed to enter the nightclub. Some of them didn’t follow the dress code, whereas others broke any other rule. So be careful. Let’s hope that you don’t have any such bitter experience in the future.

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