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You can hear the sounds of techno and Latin music as you enter the Club Oz venue. It is one of the trendiest establishments on Myrtle Beach and is located right on Broadway, which is the center of all local nightlife. Oz is one of the only dance clubs in the area that can rival the big city counterparts. It is a place where everyone dresses up and wants to look their best. They have a highly modern lighting and sound system capable of putting on a spectacular show for the crowd. The crowd goes wild for the DJ’s world-class playlist because they will not find it elsewhere.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds, you can always go outside and relax in the Mango lounge. The dance club is a metropolitan venue with multiple floors to let in as many people as possible. A balcony upstairs is perfect for dates where you want a quiet moment away from the crowd. It follows a different theme each night, so the club you see on Friday will be entirely different from Saturday. It is a unique experience no matter what night of the week you drop by.

There are video screens all around the club to give you the illusion of being somewhere else. With optical illusions playing right in front of your eyes, the wall-to-wall paneling will bring you one step closer to nirvana. The lighting in the club turns the surroundings into something new right in front of your eyes. You can experience the thrill of nightclubs from around the world without leaving Myrtle Beach. The psychedelic show complements the music played in the arena. You can hear the latest remixes, from mainstream music to the underground DJs that will make it big. 

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