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Club Silverstone Tacoma, Guide & Review

Club Silverstone is one of the few active and serving nightclubs in Tacoma. It is located on Saint Helens Avenue. Club Silverstone is a Gay Bar, Dance Club, Nightclub, and Karaoke place. The venue has no dress code preference or limitation. Patrons are free to wear anything they deem suitable for their night out. It’s safe to say the dress code is Casual. Club Silverstone has a full-fledged bar available at the scene to sate the alcoholic desires of the patrons. The bar provides alcoholic drinks, beer, cocktails, and special drinks. The type of music played at this nightclub falls under the influences of these musical genres: Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop Music. You can consider Club Silverstone a casual, neighborhood gay bar with cocktails, Karaoke, and a dancing club with a disco ball! One of the best things about this venue is that it is open on all days throughout the week. The timings for this bar and nightclub are 11 am till 2 am daily. It is safe to say that Club Silverstone is the number one Gay Bar and Dance Club in Tacoma. This venue does not only specialize in a great nightlife experience but also has fantastic food and drinks for the patrons. The nightclub specials include live shows, special events, and lounge dance parties curated by the famous “House of Saint Helens” group. House of Saint Helens’ group aims to create events centered around Queer art, working exclusively with the most talented artists in the LGBTQ community, local and worldwide. It is highly recommended to check out the live events calendar if you want to visit or book the venue for a special event. All this information is available on the Facebook page and the nightclub’s official website. Remember, only patrons who are twenty-one years of age or older are allowed to enter the premises. Club Silverstone accepts credit cards. Some additions include Divey, Pool Table, Street Parking, Bike Parking, Free Wi-Fi, TV, and Gender-neutral restrooms, among the services as mentioned earlier. Club Silverstone has an overwhelmingly positive response from not only the local community but also the visiting patrons. Some patrons said that the drinks are strong with great staff and professional door guards. The atmosphere in the nightclub is lit and more relaxed than all the places in town. The venue has a fantastic entrance with much room on the dancefloor. The Karaoke place has enough space to sit, and the bartenders are friendly to chat with. Club Silverstone has a very welcoming and loving vibe to it.

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