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Coco Bongo Cancun, Guide & Review

Cancun Coco Bongo is  known for its spectacular wild shows making it  a must visit night club.The nightclub is among the best Nightspots in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.If you love the circus, acrobatic acts  and live shows then you’ll feel at home in this nightclub.If you just want to drink,dine and be entertained while comfortably seated then this is the right place.

Coco Bongo isn’t a traditional DJ controlled Nightspot ,surprisingly there is no traditional dance floor here.A Night here involves unique shows such as golden oldies from the 70’s projected  on the screens  ,stage antics, live bands and endless performances.Tourists say that a night at Coco Bongo is a Night never to be forgotten and it’s definitely the best Nightclub in Cancun.  

This nightclub is extraordinary  and most youths make sure their Cancun nightlife includes at least a few nights in Coco Bongo since it offers an experience not worthy of missing.This nightclub has been honoured by the likes of MTV,CNN, among others making no doubt of  why it’s among the best.

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