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Coco Bongos


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Coco Bongos, Guide & Review

Coco Bongos, actually a terrace bar and is technically on the outside of the strip. It is located in the middle of the regeneration area. The bar has live acts which attract the visitors even during the non-active months. The pirates’ show is one of the famous shows. People need to watch more of such stuff which is animated and holds their attention. The huge, wide terrace provides a perfect venue for the hen parties and stag parties.

The sound system and the light system installed at Coco Bongos are the premium versions which once alive, enliven the entire atmosphere. The interior of the club was re-established in 2013 which added to the magnificence of the place. The beautified interior of the club and the in-house DJ Kev play the great part in bringing the dance and party vibes to the whole environment and the partiers.

To beat the hangover, you can even visit the Coco Bongos in the late morning hours, around 10 am and have some fine English breakfast. This could be the best treat to have after a long fun-occupied night. The terrace also serves as the place where you can sit under the generous sunrays and spend your hours lavishly while you sip the cold beer. Don’t blame us if you feel the temptation to sit in the sun-filled terrace.

Those who love to party but don’t wanna miss any of their favorite sports have just found the place where they will find both; the fun and the sports streaming live across the screen. At Coco Bongos, the live sports games are screened live and the screen stays alive from 10 am till 4 am in the morning. Not only this, but party games are another form of entertainment that is g at governed by DJ Kev Coco Bongos.

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