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Country Club Portorotondo Porto Cervo, Guide & Review

Nothing like a country club can truly represent the historicity of Porto Rotondo in the sobriety and good taste that has always distinguished this locality.   Country Club Porto Rotondo Disco. It’s a stylish, secluded disco venue with an on-site pool, popular for late supper and sets by guest DJ. Very nice place with two fantastic poolside restaurants. Local, well-equipped, very selective in special events, nice location, elegant atmosphere, fashionable and beautiful music, nice drinks and really nice. This location made your summer magic. Memories of a wonderful summer. 

An elite and sophisticated place, where good taste dominates above all things, for those who prefer the beauty of life from natural seasoned privacy. Reminiscing the good times with good food and lively performances. An experience so engaging that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Have a taste of our country club experience tonight. 

During the day a Tennis Club with spaces dedicated to relaxation, body care and bridge tournaments. The Black Angels show is an entertainment show conceived and created exclusively for the new summer season of the Country club in Porto Rotondo. Singers, musicians, dancers, illusionists and acrobats will be angels with a rock soul who will perform on the stage of the country club with sole intention of giving guests a magical evening full of fun. The musical band acts as the glue between the numerous artists who will alternate, from time to time, on various sets located in the most strategic points of the structure to involve, or even overwhelm the public among rhythms, notes, dances and performances that will lead them “in paradise”. This nightclub represents the simple charm of life in Porto Rotondo in its sophisticated setup.

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