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Crush Nightspot Cabo San Lucas, Guide & Review

Crush Nightspot is Cabo’s number 1 Hip Hop spot where the hottest mix of Hip Hop ,party anthems and Reggaeton are played.

Party lovers can also find some throwback hits evenings that highlight music of the early 2000’s. This ultra  modish club hosts top Dj’s to spin the best hits .

Located in the  heart of downtown cabo San lucas. Crush hosts such acts like saber and Ricky j.The lighting, elegant decor ,highly advanced sound and fun atmosphere makes it unique. Crush has  all you need be it a bottle of beer,or for an absolute experience where guests  can even request for  bottle service. At Crush you can’t resist dancing be it on the bar or on the custom dance platform. Entertainment includes: live drummer combination of DJ’S,live dancers, violin performances etc.

This spot is a must if you like Hip Hop and Great music to listen and dance to some best hits..

Crush is the place to head to if dancing till dawn is your interpretation of a good  and memorable fun time.

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