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D2 club & lounge Macau, Guide & Review

Are you thirsting for a memorable night out at Taiwan Macau, then think not beyond D2 Club & Lounge nightclub?  It is located in Macau, Fisherman’s Wharf EDF. New Orleans III, Macao.  D2 Club & Lounge is a great place to spend the night. 

D2 Club is for Mexican style. D2 Club & Lounge has glamorous decors, theme parties to get you out of the monotony, incredible performances on the stage from acrobatics cabaret shows and belly dance to Asian and European GO-GO Dancing.  The music is hosted by a number of five DJ’s, their residence being the Da Brix, who have stacked the team.  Each and every night at D2 Club & Lounge there is a progressive program of sound, starting with lounge, coming through R&B and ending with a veritable deep house selection which can easily be outlined as an after-party program. D2 has the longest opening hours in Macau with parties that end at the sunrise. 

It has been known to be a good place for single men but there is a hot dancer present to grace the dancing. You certainly experience a great atmosphere in this club with reasonable prices for drinks. The tacky local D-J kills the vibe.  Grab a cocktail or a beer and dance the night away. Guest DJs on frequent rotation and a nice rotation in the same neighborhood as good dining spots.  Come have great dishes, booze music and dance your night out to the fullest. Amazing places indeed, don’t miss this place when you are in Macau. The Nightclub gives the best to fulfill your deepest fantasies in matters of nightlife and create the perfect ambience where you can always feel comfortable.  When in Taiwan, Macau do you purpose to join us and we assure you a fun night out with a lot of memories.

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