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Discoteca Chocolate Valencia, Guide & Review

Discoteca Chocolate is definitely a venue to be on your night out at Valencia. This place was banging out techno in the early 80’s when the word didn’t even exist! Without a doubt the hardest, fastest and most highly regarded venue. In an old drying room and rice warehouse, and with a revolutionary and avant-garde design inspired by the little chocolate house that appeared in the Hansel and Gretel story. 

Discoteca Chocolate exhibits an awesome interior to give it greater importance to the dance hall leaving behind the first stage of concerts, pure and simple. The cream and chocolate drips which are visible to date at some point in the venue coupled with amazing interior decoration giving the nightclub a touch of fantasy that ultimately serves the clients an escape from the real world. The club happens to be the first club in Valencia to put on a session of live music. Discoteca Chocolate nightclub’s sound happens to be unique in the whole city. The terrace of the club has a different sound from the main room. 

Discoteca Chocolate has awesome DJs, an amazing atmosphere, unique music, an amazing crowd, the cathedral’s unique sound and unbeatable style. From the first day it became a pilgrimage point where large numbers of the public escaped in this Eden of the real world to which they were linked from Monday to Friday. 

Far from offering a session to use, chocolate was the first club to schedule concerts starting at 7:00am in the morning, something unpresented at the time and which also meant a continuation of the night session. Betting on the darkest and gothic sounds, following a line of musical eclecticism,  Chocolate became a place of pilgrimage with a tolerant hedonistic public. Definitely the club is the best disco venue and without hesitation it will give you breathtaking hits. It’s a passion the music they play ensures their own fantastic style is at blast.

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