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Piccadilly is the right club if you want to have fun without any hint of pretension. Piccadilly is a nightclub in Valencia, Spain. It’s a venue born in Valencia in the 60s, with some influences of the US subculture, the hippie movement, pop and rock music. There is also a silent room, where you can use headphones and choose from different sounds. It has three party rooms; Silent room, Circus room and Tropical room. It’s very iconic venue because everyone is dancing and singing the session they have chosen through wireless headphones that are given when entering and they enjoy music played by the local DJs. Each type of music is identified by a color: blue, green or red. 

It a unique club that combines avant- garde, cross-dressing, pop culture and fun in the same place. combines Piccadilly club exhibits a unique atmosphere because of the confluences nearby. Best ambience. The club opens its doors from Wednesday to Saturday at a quarter to twelve in the evening and only closes when the sun is high in the sky. The audience that come here are mixed including LGBT community that can be found in the venue.

A varied and exceptional audience, diversity in its programming and musical style from 90s hits, danceable techno 80s, backfire, rock, pop, indie all well mixed and shaken in presence of exceptional audience. It doesn’t matter if you love techno, reggaeton, indie, pop, rock, mainstream pop because there is something for everyone.

It’s perfect for social events such as birthday parties, private parties, Christmas parties, pre-wedding parties among other parties. On the other hand, the facilities of this venue allows you to celebrate, award ceremonies, company events, products presentations, exhibitions, audio visual productions, photographic sessions and film and television shootings. 

Piccadilly is characterized by its freshness and self confidence, a place where you can be yourself regardless of your gender, sexual identity or your clothing. It’s a place to see and let yourself be seen, the place to be.

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