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Drama Club exudes sophistication, class and glamour. It is designed to provide an ultimate experience to party lovers who want to spend the night in style. Once inside, expect the unexpected, the unlimited fun and the unpredictable drama that it brings until wee hours of the next morning. Celebrities Ashley James and Lindsay Lohan are two famous personalities who visited the place.

No Club Drama is not referring to a fight someone had in a club but actually a very popular nightclub in London itself. Drama is a high-end clubbing experience for those who live for the night. The club is very hard to get into and you will have to wait a while for entry unless you happen to be on the VIP list. The club is very popular amongst young Londoners and foreigners. For anyone who wants to be seen in the London nightlife pages and rub shoulders with the city’s elite then this is the place to go. The club has a delicious drinks menu and their music is always loud. The DJ plays crowd favorites and also makes sure that he adds in some great beats which you probably have not heard before but will love. The club also hosts international superstars such as singer Rihanna, supermodel Winnie Harlow and actress Lindsay Lohan amongst others. The club is known to hosts amazing parties that are talked about for days. If you happen to somehow get invited to one of the parties at Drama then you will be guaranteed a night of careless fun.


Located in London’s high-end Park Lane area, Club Drama is fairly easy to locate. The exact address is 35 Hertford Street, Mayfair. You can easily access the club via taxi; almost everyone in the city is aware of where the club is located.

VIP Table Guide

While the entire club was designed to provide patrons with a VIP experience, the actual VIP tables at Club Drama are just amazing. If you somehow by miracle happen to successfully book a VIP table at Club Drama then you are very lucky since they are usually booked solid for months on end. The VIP tables start at 1000 pounds for a Standard table which seats up to 10 people. But if you happen to be a smaller group of 3 people then you will only need to pay 500 pounds. The exclusive VIP tables cost 2000 pounds and seat a maximum of 10 people as well. Prices for the VIP tables vary on the day of the week; the prices go up significantly during the weekend. But if you book a VIP table, the experience is amazing so if you can afford it then please do not hesitate and make the booking!

Bottle Service

The bottle service at Club Drama is pretty standard. Premium drinks can cost over 1000 pounds per bottle but standard drinks are comparatively much cheaper. But overall, the prices are pretty high so if you think you cannot foot the big bill you might get, then bottle service might not be a good idea for you.

The Dress Code

Like most night clubs in London, Drama also has certain requirements for patrons before they are let in. Patrons should be wearing their best party outfits; for men, this means a smart dinner jacket with formal shoes and for women, it means a cute cocktail dress with their best heels. Make sure you do not wear athleisure wear or trainers since this will mean you cannot enter the club.

Drama London Dress Code Guide

Drama Park Lane is one of those rare night clubs in London which will totally change your perspective about London nightclubs. Unique in every sense of the word, Drama Park Lane, with its extremely unique name as well as ambience, is a very popular club amongst locals as well as international clientele.

If you are in doubts about what kind of dress code guidelines you should follow for Drama Park Lane Club, here is a short guide on everything you need to know about the dress code guidelines for this famous nightclub in London.

Drama Park Lane Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy for Drama Park Lane is strictly Smart and Elegant. At this club, you will find some of the most finely dressed women who look elegant to the epitome of the word.

If you prefer wearing a dress, you can always opt for a long gown, as Drama Park Lane is the absolute perfect place to wear this kind of an outfit. Of course, don’t forget to put on a beautiful pair of high heels, maybe something with sequins or glitters.

You can also opt for a short cocktail dress if you wish to, and accessorize it well with jewelry, and a clutch bag.

As for your shoes, stick to high heels all the way. Any kind of casual shoes, trainers, sneakers, running shoes, flat shoes or flip flops are strictly not allowed at this club.

When it comes to makeup and hair, you should opt for an elegant, classy, but bold makeup look. Don’t go too heavy on the makeup and hair, instead, opt for a bold smoky eye and style your hair well to catch everyone’s attention at the club.


Drama Park Lane Dress Code for the Gents

As for the men here at Drama Park Lane, you can always opt for a really classy look by going with a suit or a tuxedo, however, since it is a night club, you can do without the bowtie or tie! You can also opt for another look created with a fancy but elegant button-up shirt, a smart jacket, a blazer, or a suit.

Basically, you should dress to impress. Don’t wear anything which you would otherwise not wear to a black tie event.

Stay away from caps, hats, jerseys, casual shirts or t-shirts, jeans, especially distressed jeans, sneakers, shorts and sandals. Any kind of sportswear is also not welcome at this night club.

If you prefer to wear jeans however, opt for dark jeans, the ones without the distressed look or faded jeans, and pair it up with a good collared shirt and a stylish coat.



Having truly a unique and enchanting ambience like no other night club you have seen before, Drama Park Lane is one of those must-visit night clubs in London. However, getting into this club is not so simple, so be sure to follow the dress code policy to its fullest.

You can also visit the official website for Drama Park Lane, London, and find out more information about the dress code guidelines. Go through the club pictures to see what kind of outfits you can experiment with!

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