EDM Clubs in Adelaide

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Hip Hop clubs in Adelaide?

Then we have you covered!

On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Adelaide. (More in-depth further below)

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Finding clubs in a new city can be a hassle, especially when looking for specific genres like EDM. From time to time, EDM has evolved and has become a better version of itself. To present, it covers a broad range of percussive music, which is suitable for clubs and raves. So if you are in Adelaide and young enough to dance to some electronic music, then we might turn helpful to you. We have made a list of the best EDM venues in Adelaide, just what you are seeking for.  

1. Zhivago Adelaide

Zhiv always delivers a partying experience like no other, with two massive weekly events, Uplate Saturdays and Black Cherry Sundays. For the past decade, Sundays in particular have been an institution in Adelaide, resulting in Zhiv having the number one spot every Sunday in Adelaide. With international acts like Fatman Scoop, Jay Sean, Sean Kingston, J-Kwon, Lloyd, Eric Bellinger, RL, Chingy, Havana Brown, and more, you can always counton a good time at Zhiv!
Zhivago nightclub is located at 54, Currie street basement, Adelaide, Australia.

2. Electric Circus Adelaide 

For the past six years, Electric Circus has been at the forefront of music, hospitality, and nightclubbing in Adelaide, continually establishing industry standards. On a weekly basis, Electric Circus welcomes interstate and foreign guests on Thursday and Saturday nights, as well as the odd Friday for a special Onelove reunion or Special Event…

3. Red Square Adelaide

Welcome to Red Square, Adelaide’s premier nightlife destination. Red Square, located in the city’s West End, has retained its status as the premier nighttime entertainment thanks to recent renovations that have assured a current, modern design. You can hear some of Australia’s top resident DJs at Red Square, and the club is also known for hosting some of the world’s most recognized DJs on a regular basis.Red Square personnel ensures fantastic dance nights by always thinking ‘outside the square,’ and as Adelaide’s longest-running nightclub, their strategy works.

4. Distil Adelaide

On Rundle Street, Distill is an intriguing cocktail bar and outstanding nightlife with a wonderful wine and drink range. It is divided into two tiers. Upstairs, with a combination of R&B and current house music, it’s a heated jumble of dancing. Go downstairs and relax in the lounges if you appreciate ambient music and a more intimate and calm ambiance. And don’t get me started on the finest part. Imagine a dancing floor with a bed and late-night pillow fights. I’m speechless!

In Conclusion

The clubs enlisted above are the go-to places for EMB lovers. Backed with an invigorating atmosphere and sensational crowd, these clubs are mostly packed with hot lads and ladies. These classic bars cum nightclubs will provide you with the best drinks and ladies. Watch out for yourself, the temp of these clubs is hot as hell in winters too!  So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and place a call to the nearest venue and enjoy till you actually drift off.